If you thought 4G LTE was the fastest thing Verizon offered then you got another thing coming! Check out IndyCar Racer Will Power from Australia who is racing the Verizon Car by Penske Racing! Verizon just released this video ad that features Will and the IndyCar as well as mentioning the IndyCar App that will let check out stats and information from your shiny new Android powered HTC ThunderBolt. 

Get details about app, including how to download, and about Verizon’s Android by logging on to mobile.vzw.com/indycar on an Android phone version 1.6 or newer.

Check out the video:


  1. For virtually all of us, contrary to Verizon Racecar Guy’s viewpoint, it’s no longer all about speed. It’s about battery life, battery life, and I’ve never come across worse battery life reviews for any phone than the Thunderbolt which at 40% brightness, no wifi or bluetooth, just LTE and just doing basic web browsing, nothing heavy, lasts under four hours. And unlike as one can do with Sprint’s WiMAX and GSM, you can’t tone it down from 4G to save juice. Even if you’ve got your charger at your desk at home, another charger from your last phone by the bed, maybe a USB cable sticking out of your Google TV box, a small cable coming out of your laptop and another cable at work with at least one spare in your little jeans pocket or top left outter breast suit pocket, that’s just too damn short. The way I use my phone, 100 RSS feeds syncing up, wifi always on, Google Navigation in 3D whenever I get in a taxi, Howard streaming on the Sirius XM app, liberal brightness settings, overclocked — how long would that last for me? Hope they made the back cover easier to pop open than Samsung made my Nexus S’s, thing’s a bitch to remove. Fortunately the battery life is all right and I generally don’t have to replace.

    And they should have put a larger battery in this Thunderbolt instead of going for thinness, like 1500 instead of 1400, which would have helped them sustain only about as much battery life press attention as the EVO 4G received. Everyone reviewing this phone is harping all over the battery, and people reading about the battery, if you did a focus group study, I bet you’d see a dramatic drop in their inclination to buy this thing because it’s LTE.

    Seems there’s been zero progress in battery juice technology. C’mon Science!

  2. Verizon/Indy Car is just now getting an app? Welcome to the 21st century…
    Nascar and Sprint have had apps for the past 6 years…
    Nascar/Sprint apps work on Windows mobile, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, java, and WebOS… Can Verizon claim this?

  3. When can i get the nee indy car app.? I dont get VERSUS on my sattelite and miss indy racing!!!

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