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Better Pictures Of The T-Mobile G2 From Mr. Blurry cam

t-mobile-g2-itw-2-04-645x483 Engadget got the goods from Mr. Blurry Cam yesterday and apparently he took a lesson and got a clear picture.  So today we got a much clearer look at the upcoming T-Mobile Android powered G2. Even though the I like the look of the keyboard, I am not so thrilled with the rest of the design. To me the rounded graphite gray look is out. In for today is sharper lines and black in color. I am always one to like something different and like to see manufacturers thinking of new designs, but personally I really like the HTC HD2, Motorola Droid X, and even the new iPhone 4. So how are you liking the new G2? Drop a comment on this Hot Saturday Afternoon and let us know!


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