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Microsoft Releases OneNote for Android

Android has been mostly ignored by Microsoft when they’ve been releasing their apps (favoring Windows Phone and iOS) which is mostly due to fragmentation but it looks like SkyDrive is getting some support from Microsoft with an official OneNote application now available. It requires Android 2.3 or higher and can be found here.

And while there’s no official SkyDrive app for Android yet, they do mention:

If you have an Android device, we also encourage you to try other apps from partners built using SkyDrive APIs. For example with Browser for SkyDrive or Cloud Explorer for SkyDrive, you can view, access and upload documents or photos on your Android phone. Portfolio for SkyDrive lets you organize and upload photos from your Android phone in batches to SkyDrive. If you want to add SkyDrive support to your app, site or device, please visit our developer center.

Microsoft is making themselves visible across all platforms and I think that’s something they need to do – target users everywhere to get them back.