This is actually a decent deal I think: $100 for unlimited everything and 10gb of data per month. Well, after looking into though it might not be so great in terms of cost. For $100 per month you can get that 10gb and unlimited data but it will cost you extra per month depending on the device: $40 per month for a smartphone, $10 per month for a tablet so that would be $100 plus the $40 for each phone so it can quickly add up. I’m not sure about this now…


Verizon Wireless today announced Share Everything Plans that will forever change the way customers purchase wireless services.  Share Everything Plans include unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text, video and picture messaging and a single data allowance for up to 10 Verizon Wireless devices.  In addition, the Mobile Hotspot service on all the devices is included in the Share Everything Plans at no additional charge.  The groundbreaking Share Everything Plans debut on June 28 and will be available to new, as well as existing, customers who may wish to move to the new plans.

“Customers asked, and today Verizon Wireless delivered an industry first,” said Tami Erwin, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless.  “Share Everything Plans are the new standard for wireless service.  They are simple; customers no longer have to think about their voice and message plans, because both are unlimited.  Share Everything Plans are convenient; customers purchase one data plan and they share it with up to 10 mobile devices.  And, they are worry-free; customers can connect their 3G or 4G devices wherever and whenever they want on America’s most reliable network.”

How Share Everything Plans Work

To get started on a Share Everything Plan, customers first select the devices they want on their accounts.  The next step is to choose a plan that includes unlimited minutes, unlimited messages and a shared data allowance that begins at 1 GB for $50.  Customers adding a tablet on their Share Everything Plans can do so for an additional $10, with no long-term contract requirement. The following matrix shows pricing for an account with several different devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet and a basic phone, billed to the same individual.

There are separate plans for accounts with only basic phones, or data only devices such as USB modems or Jetpack Mobile Hotspots at

“When developing these plans, we first asked customers what they wanted in a wireless service plan.  We also looked at the technology and how customers were using it to manage their lives.  And last, we took into consideration the evolution of the technology and how customers would use wireless in the future,” Erwin added.  “Share Everything Plans are the outcome of that research.  They cover every device Verizon Wireless offers, from basic phones to smartphones, from tablets to Jetpacks and more.  Share Everything Plans represent a tremendous shift in how customers think about wireless service.”

Switch to a Share Everything Plan

Customers are free to keep their existing plans, but there is no fee or contract extension to move to the new Share Everything Plans.  To help customers determine the best Share Everything Plan option, Verizon Wireless has created an easy to use online tool at


  1. So for me as a AT&T customer, I am paying 80 for a 1400 minute plan and I have 4 smartphones on that plan. $80 for the voice, 30 for the family text plan, and 30 for 3gb each phone. I have unlimited of course. (thats what I think right?) So the total without taxes and all the other gov crap is $230.00. With the Verizon plan, I would opt for the 10GB plan (two short of what I have now) for 100 and then pay $40 for each phone. Let’s do the math. 40 x 4 is 160 plus 100. Hmmm, verizon is putting the screws to us once again. It would be 260, or 30 dollars more money for less data. no one talks one the phone anymore and iMessage is kicking the crap out of the text load. I know, but maybe you dont have an iphone right. Okay, it’s still way more money. The idea is to get you to use less data and pay more. So with Big Red putting the screws to us like this, expect AT&T to be just as if not more greedy. Remember it’s all about the family!

  2. It might be worth it for a single person and not a family. I could see getting the $100 plan with a smartphone and a tablet which would only be $150 per month. That’s not bad deal I think…

  3. Getting above my price point again. Since we had to downsize, I think I’m on the lowest-tier of whatever the heck AT&T is running on voice, 2MB on data (and I don’t hit that only because I use wifi religously), and NO text. That last is the kiker (ooo see what I did there?) – it keeps my bill at about $70. Before I purchase apps, of course. That’s going to have to be something that we need to start figuring into our wireless bills: what are you willing to budget for apps per month? Especially if you’ve got kids!
    I haven’t been priced out of smartphone territory yet, and I reallyReally pray I won’t be any time soon!

  4. Under Share Everything one gig of data costs $50.00 and increases $10.00 for every additional gig used. A movie streamed off Netflix is going to be about 5 gigs of data at a cost of around $80.00. Let’s say movies have a run time of two hours. Share Everything is a $40 an hour data plan. I’ve watched many good movies but none justified an $80.00 cost. lmao

  5. And hence the reason they invented WiFi. So you could afford popcorn and Goobers.

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