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Make Your Own Video Out Cable

I always wondered how anyone that forked out the money to buy a Touch Pro or Fuze would not have the money to buy a video out cable. But if you are one of them, or if you have heaps of extra time, a spare corded earphone cable, and a spare RCA Cable, then you can save yourself $12.95 and build your very own Video out cable for your cutting edge Windows Mobile device that has video out capabilities. The one thing I will say, is that I applaud XDA member audible_paradigm for coming up with this trick way to make the video out cable yourself and posting his findings with some great pictures over at XDA.

I’m not going to do a cut and paste job of his instructions, so you will have to head on over to XDA (click here) and check it out for yourself. I have attached  few pictures that show you the end result and how the cables will need to be connected.

Thanks again to audible_paradigm for hooking us up with a great tutorial on how to make your own video out cable for your HTC Touch Pro or AT&T Fuze.