The following video shows (in detailed this time) the HTC Flyer, HTC’s first Android based tablet.

The video title is "HTC Flyer – a tablet like no other" and for once I tend to agree with HTC!

Few things I noticed in the video which are worth mentioning:

  1. HTC Scribe Technology – a pen that can write on almost any functional surface and different applications. I use a pen in with iPad, but what HTC is showing here is more than the pen itself: it’s turning a variety of apps into live notebooks which is, to me – a very good productivity feature (notating web sites, books, pictures, etc.)
  2. PIM Synergy – rich notes exist in iPad, but HTC shows in this video a nice synergy between the notes, calendars and tasks – good stuff, once again, for productivity means.
  3. Multimedia – didn’t notice anything special there, but it’s good to see everything packed inside the tablet: videos, games, etc.
  4. HTC Sense – OK so you didn’t actually think HTC will neglect the Sense didn’t you? I’m actually beginning to get bored with it (the clock/weather widget reminds me the 400 years old HTC Touch Diamond…) but I know most people like this shell a lot, and it’s definitely the best Android homescreen replacement to date.

Good stuff, great video, seems like a very promising tablet, with new productivity features every tablet needs.

Be sure to watch the video below:

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  1. In some ways I feel sad. Where the hell is my Courier?!! Other than that the ad is pretty awesome. What I noticed is a decided lack of Android app mention. Are they going with some other type of gaming source?

    Price point, battery life and app availability is huge. If the HTC Flyer has these things down then it will sell and sell alot. Heck, i’d buy one.

  2. Just ran across an initial price point for the flyer and it is $1,000!!!!!! You gotta believe that as it comes to carriers it will be $500-$600. At least I can hope.

  3. Things are finally starting to get interesting. The main reason I have not gone to a tablet at this point is that I want to be able to take “hand written” notes. Cant do that with any accuracy on the existing tablets on the market. Perhaps, just perhaps the HTC flyer will give us that capability. That alone is worth the price of admission.

  4. I just wish these OEMs stop releasing products that are significantly higher than the iPad. Its like they don’t get that Apple is the “luxury brand” name in electronics so that is the product people will spend extra for. This flyer has great specs and an awesome video but very few people will spend the extra money or feel compelled to sign multiyear carrier contracts to own it when they can buy the ipad for less.

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