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Video: HTC Flyer – HTC’s first Android based tablet


The following video shows (in detailed this time) the HTC Flyer, HTC’s first Android based tablet.

The video title is "HTC Flyer – a tablet like no other" and for once I tend to agree with HTC!

Few things I noticed in the video which are worth mentioning:

  1. HTC Scribe Technology – a pen that can write on almost any functional surface and different applications. I use a pen in with iPad, but what HTC is showing here is more than the pen itself: it’s turning a variety of apps into live notebooks which is, to me – a very good productivity feature (notating web sites, books, pictures, etc.)
  2. PIM Synergy – rich notes exist in iPad, but HTC shows in this video a nice synergy between the notes, calendars and tasks – good stuff, once again, for productivity means.
  3. Multimedia – didn’t notice anything special there, but it’s good to see everything packed inside the tablet: videos, games, etc.
  4. HTC Sense – OK so you didn’t actually think HTC will neglect the Sense didn’t you? I’m actually beginning to get bored with it (the clock/weather widget reminds me the 400 years old HTC Touch Diamond…) but I know most people like this shell a lot, and it’s definitely the best Android homescreen replacement to date.

Good stuff, great video, seems like a very promising tablet, with new productivity features every tablet needs.

Be sure to watch the video below:

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