Vitality knows people forget things.  Vitality knows old people forget a lot of things depending on their ailments.  So they came up with this great idea.  For 10$ a cap and 15$ a month Vitality will use the local AT&T connection to remember when you get all medicated and report back when you need refills.  If you’re the sort that needs refills more often than not, then this could be a bad thing but sending grandma and grandpa some flashing lights, audible noises, and texts followed by emails to make sure they stay supra terra.  I like the idea but have you ever seen how many meds most older people are on?  My grandpa ate pills for 2/3 meals at some points so I’m curious to know if it’s 15$ per person or per bottle.  I guess if you take a bunch of meds at once then you should only need one.  I also worry about someone relying on this system in the fabled blackout zone of NYC AT&T coverage.  The difference between a dropped call and a missed pill have slightly different ramifications.  Well the more I think about this the harder sell this seems to be.  I remember monthly and weekly boxes of pills too.  Maybe if the company just made a small desktop, internet connected, clock radio like the Sony Dash for old people and medicine they would have a more marketable product.  It’d even be something Doctors could reference and change from their office.  I’m far too lazy to actually produce something like this so feel free to take my idea and run with it.  If you get rich off of it then just buy me a beer and we’ll call it even.  What do you guys think?  Would you trust your aging family members and loved ones to AT&T coverage?  Does this sound like an idea before it’s time or simply misconceived?


  1. Nice idea but we are light years away from it working reliably in the real world. People who take prescription medications need something they can rely on, that will work wherever their pill bottles or they may be. Seven day pill reminders, even some with audible reminders, take care of the daily task without any 3G connection issues.

    Get your pills at CVS and their automated dialer will call you every 30 days, after your prescription has been automatically refilled. Nothing to remember and it does not cost a dime. Only drawback for this plan is relying on the AT&T network to make sure the call to you goes through.

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