I have an ugly history of trying to get a blue/cyan Lumia 920. It’s been going on since they first went on sale and I wanted to get it in a store, then eventually went through the online store which led to me receiving a black Lumia 920. That gets shipped back and they were going to send me a cyan one ‘immediately’. Then I get an email from a corporate AT&T rep “Unfortunately the order was returned because the Nokia Lumia 920 in Blue is out of stock until February 23, 2013.” Mobile World Congress starts February 25. Why is that relevant? Because I’ll be damned if I buy a phone and two days later there’s an announcement of the replacement version (full Pureview please).

Bottom line is that I’m without a Lumia 920 and I don’t see that changing. Lumia 930 here I come…


  1. By the time you finally get the cyan version you want there will be another new Lumia released. Probably have to wait for the cyan version of that too. :)

  2. I had exact same issue with the 900 only mix in the purple screen bug and a few one off hardware issues that forced me to make due with a black 900, until I just bought the cyan housing for thirty bucks and learned how incredibly easy it is to replace it. I now have a cyan phone. Not the best solution but trust me the black polycarbonate housing doesn’t do the line justice.

    • Wait where do you get a replacement housing? And it’s really that easy to strip it? I have a 900 now (cyan) and I can’t imagine what it would take to pry this thing out. You’ve got me thinking now

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