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Zombie Circus Successor “North Pole Invasion” Available (Free) For Windows Phones

I’m a big fan of Zombie Circus (which we first mentioned a year ago and then it went free). Well now there’s a holiday themed successor that we’ve been teased in videos and is finally available. You have to defend yourself from an onslaught of zombies (appropriately dressed for the holidays). Let’s not waste our time here. Just check out the video (and if you now Zombie Circus you already stopped reading and went straight to download).

Here’s the complete description:

North Pole Invasion is the highly anticipated expansion to Zombie Circus, the definitive ragdoll physics action game on Windows Phone. Continue the mayhem in the latest Zombie Circus adventure! The zombie clowns are back, and this time they’ve invaded the North Pole! The clowns are out to steal presents and ruin the holidays, so it’s your job to stop them. Use a variety of physics based weapons to stop their attack. Or use your fingers to toss and fling the zombies around! The choice is yours as you progress through 60 levels of ragdoll physics action.
+Stellar art and animation
+60 progressively difficult missions of addictive physics action. Starts off easy before leading you into over the top action
+The popular Survival Mode returns!
+9 unique zombie types, each with their own powers, plus 5 big bosses to battle!
+14 brand new physics based weapons to deal out massive damage to the zombie clown horde, including a couple returning favorites from the original Zombie Circus!
+NEW Interactive weapons – tilt your phone to control them!
+NEW Epic boss battles!
+NEW Bonus rounds! Launch giant snowballs from Santa’s truck to smash ice skating zombie clowns!
+Full musical soundtrack

You can check it out here for free but be prepared and have your battery charged because you’ll be hooked.