Waze has confirmed that they are not working on a Windows Phone app presently. It sort of makes sense to me. Without background multitasking (real multitasking) then the app hibernates and it’s simply not useful so you would need to keep it in the forefront for as long as you were using it. You’ll have to get your traffic elsewhere…


  1. That’s too bad. Though a bit rough around the edges, and by the way it does more than what you mentioned (http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/05/06/filling-in-the-map-gaps-with-waze-games/), it is in a few respects better than even Google Maps Navigation.

    Well hey, though Jimski might start letter writing campaign in opposition, you may at least be getting Trapster, which by the way as opposed to Waze does a lot of its running, for most users, in the background.
    But if that’s the reason you want to go with regarding why the Waze people might be making sense in continuing to take an indefinite pass on your platform with its edgy multitasking portrayal, high five.

  2. This isn’t news. Their website’s FAQs show they made this decision almost a year ago. The last release they does work just fine on my phone and I use it daily. Definitely a top 10 app.

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