Just to clarify, we noted that the hardware will not be made but lots of sites are taking this as the death of webOS. Not the case. Here’s a tweet from HP:

Richard is the HP VP Worldwide Developer Relations webOS and this is consistent with their earlier statements. HP is leaving the hardware business – both for PCs and webOS so they need a new hardware partner for their software. Should be plenty of people pissed at Google over the MotoGoo thing to find one or two interested enough in webOS. I still think the OS dies in time…but not today. In the time it takes to get new partners and work this stuff out the market will keep expanding beyond it, just as it has over the last few years and these setbacks just keep adding nails to the coffin.


  1. WebOS is going to quickly become the thing geeks play around with and keep alive in the shadows. Epic fail on HP’s part but hardly anyone expect HP to do anything of significance with WebOS based on their (HP’s) history.

    A slow moving PC hardware company that couldn’t adjust quick enough to the fast changing nature of the mobile software space.

    On twitter several notable tech bloggers were talking about how they snatched up a Touchpad since the price drop only to set it up and today get the headline no more hardware coming.

  2. The decision to leave the PC market hasn’t been made, yet. Even if HP *does* leave the PC market, you can bet that they’re not “done with hardware.” HP’s server business is still thriving, and they still own other segments, such as Verifone, the devices you swipe your credit card through at the grocery store.

    Let’s try to be a little less sensationalist, eh? Think of the children.

  3. WebOS may not be technically dead, but they’ve effectively killed it. No OEM with any sense is going to bother to license this OS now.

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