Late last year I finally made the switch to an iPhone 4. It was a few weeks before the launch of the Windows Phone and I was satisfied enough with the leaks to know that the device was not where I needed it yet for me to purchase. I had just sold my HTC HD2 (sniff, I still miss that device) and was looking for a change. Mobility Digest has always been stronger in Windows Mobile and I knew that we would have great coverage from our team on Windows Phone. I am locked to AT&T and I was really not happy with the offering they had on Android devices. The Captivate was the only thing worth looking at but I was pretty pissed to have to settle for that when Verizon had all the HTC and Motorola hot rod Android devices that were the top of their class. So that only left the iPhone. I had never owned an iPhone, never used an iPhone for any length of time, so I headed on down to Best Buy (I hate our local AT&T store) and checked one out. I knew enough about it already, it wasn’t a meet and greet or anything like that. If the feeling hit me, I would buy it.

In my opinion, the iPhone 4 has the best overall look and feel of any device constructed in the Mobile Industry. You cannot pick one of these up and not immediately be wowed with it’s build quality. I was wowed, but I knew that there would come a point when I would inevitably have to turn the device on, make phone calls, and interact with the apps. I was pretty satisfied with it the device after playing with it for a while at Best Buy and I decided to buy it. Hell, I could return it if it really sucked for phone calls or sell it on Ebay.

After 30 days of using it, I was so sucked up into the App Store and how well it connected with my friends (yes all of them have an iPhone) that I was having a blast with it. The iPhone does social media beautifully. The games and the apps are a lot of fun! Got an OtterBox Defender for it as well as a bunch of other accessories and things were looking good. Except for one small thing, phone calls suck on the iPhone. It’s not as bad as iPhone haters would make you believe, but it is not good either. I drop calls, I cannot make a phone call connect from the recent calls list, and it generally hates my 3G Microcell. WiFi, BT, are very good. Data is okay, slower than other devices I tested, but call quality was not good. Oh, by the way, Safari was really nice and fast, and what ever flash video I wanted to see, Skyfire handled beautifully.

It’s been 9 months with the iPhone 4 and I am starting to get bored with the device. The biggest problem I have with getting bored with the iPhone is not the iPhone itself, but the iPad. I really like the iPad 2. All the apps that I have on the iPhone 4 for the most part were available for the iPad and now I use the iPad 2 the majority of the time and rarely fire up my iPhone or Laptop at home.

So this is where I am today. AT&T after months of taking their time is finally going to release a device I am interested in, the HD7s. My problem is that even though it has NoDo, and will eventually get Mango, why would I want to get that now and not wait another 3 months? The Mango update for the HD7s will likely be a huge fail on AT&T’s part and be released well after the launch of the new Mango Devices which might even be dual core devices. I don’t want to wait for AT&T to get their act together and update Mango on the HD7s. There is another problem too. The iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is heavily rumored to be launching in September. Even though Apple is several months late from following their typical yearly device update cycle, I am pretty confident we will in fact see an Apple device this year. What can we expect in the iPhone 5, or iPhone 4s as many have guessed? From a hardware standpoint , we can count on the new A5 dual core processor already kicking ass in the iPad 2. (I love the iPad 2 by the way). We can look for some slight cosmetic changes, Cameras, antennae update, and possibly the new iOS 5.

So here it is another year and I am faced with the same decision. Windows Phone or the iPhone? We have already been made aware of what Mango will have in store for us and the treasure trove of new capabilities that many would argue that Windows Phone should have already had. It is also appears that Windows Phone will be getting a hardware boost too. I am actually very excited to see these new devices and look forward to the group texting and email features that Mango devices will have. Yet I keep finding myself looking over my should and wondering what would Apple have to do to earn my business for a second straight year? I thought it through and here is what would do it.

First, I have to have a larger screen. If the iPhone 5 does not have a larger screen, it is game over no matter how good iOS 5 is. Second would be a major antennae update which it is still heavily rumored to receive. I am pretty happy with the cameras now, but any updates here would be very well received. I take tons of pictures and videos from my iPhone 4 and like the results. And then iOS would have to show me some new and exciting changes. I think Apple’s greatest claim to fame about everything always being about the apps is getting old. I think the easy to use user interface is excellent, and they should not move away from their playbook that got them here. But there are lot’s of intuitive things like what Microsoft did with Live Tiles that Apple should incorporate natively and not require a jailbreak or and app to handle. Ringtones, Lock Screen interaction, Live Icons, and swiping between sub menus would be a huge hit. I would also like to see group text messaging without the need of an app. I don’t want to have to insert everyone’s phone number manually, and reply all every time after to group text. Also, notifications really needs to be addressed. These are some of the things that would put the iPhone 5 over the top for me to purchase it for a second straight year. Mainly, I got to have a larger screen. I can no longer tolerate the 3.5 inch mini screen. Granted the retina display is amazing, but I would much rather have less amazing with more real estate.

The question I thought I would ask all of you over the weekend is, what would it take for you to buy an iPhone 5? I realize Steve Jobs and the whole Apple culture greatly disturb some people, but let’s just keep it about the devices and forget Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs run these companies.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I thought the I5 was delayed until sometime in the future and the I4S was going to be released later this summer or early fall?? If you’re playing the waiting game anyway lookup the “HTC Holiday”.

  2. I continue to read conflicting analysts suggest both of them. With Apple, nothing is for sure until Stevie Boy walks out on stage, but if they in fact Launch iOS 5, any marginal hardware increase would still make the next device and iPhone 5 to coincide with iOS 5. It makes sense that the delay in getting the 2011 device out would indicate that it is an iOS delay. The A5 in the iPad 2 kicks ass. There should not be an issue there for them.

  3. After working and using an Android, I switched to the Windows Phone 7.. needless to say that I Absolutely LOVE my WP7. The only thing that would make me switch to iPhone 5 is… now that I think about it, nothing will make me switch to an iPhone 5.
    I have seen a lot of iPhones that my friends have, and everything I look at them, I find something wrong with them.

    So I’ll stay with my Windows Phone 7 that it only is going to keep improving with time. and It works THE BEST when I’m developing apps!

  4. Stick with the iPhone.

    My guess, Windows Phone will only be given a dead cat bounce from these two things they won’t shut up about, Mango and Nokia, which will be underwhelming and/or extremely late.

    Meanwhile WP sales are not only bad they are decelerating significantly, making their way toward attrition, and you’ll be, though optimized and whatever, stuck behind everyone else in terms of hardware and if the OEMs lose (with Nokia hanging onto at least some Symbian and MeeGo action as part of the deal) interest you may find yourself with not many more phone options than Apple gives you. At least Apple will give you something that’s arguably the best.

    Curious, have you ever wondered why you capitalize things like Cameras, Laptop, Mobile Industry, Devices and Lock Screen? You’re smarter than that. Come on. It looks stupid no matter how you then proceed form the plural of antenna as if you studied Latin.

  5. @Doug Simmons:

    Did’t study Latin, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. Thank you for your ongoing concern regarding my grammar.

    Regarding Android, I am pretty interested in the Galaxy S II device coming to AT&T the Attain. Looks like an amazing device and I have heard that the Infuse 4G was very nice and one handed operation (I have to drive a lot) is still possible with the 4.5 inch screen.

  6. Hmmm, what would it take me to switch?
    For MS to change the name of their phones from Windows Phone to iPhone 5. Beyond that, I’ll pass. Not now and never really have been impressed enough with the iPoop to buy it.

    Doug, how is Windows Phone “late” to anything? Personal perference and idiotic blind devotion aside how is it late?
    It’s the only major player in the game that actually started with something completely different (Windows Mobile) which was VERY successful. And if memory serves me right the updates that have come and are coming… you know… the things that all you smug little mobile device super-users and fanbois who just *can’t buy a mobile device without* will be available to WP devices faster than the other two put them on their turds.. err devices.

    Both of them copied a model that Windows Mobile had in place for what… 5-6 years prior? The game didn’t start when apple decided to convince the sheep that they invented smartphones dude. And if they did, Android is as late as anybody else.

    So please enlighten me as to how they are late to anything?? Since you are so deep in android anus I’m sure you envision laying pipe to a little green robot dude while having *relations* with your wife (too far?) I’m sure this will be about the hardware, and all the stuff that some (not all) android dvices come with, and yes all of that is cool. But if the OS runs without that stuff how much does it matter? And for whatever little bit it’s worth I don’t recall anyone saying apple was late with their front camera doo-hickey (and the commercials saying how great it is all while never quite saying without Wi-Fi it’s worthless) depsite the fact that WM devices were rocking that old poop back in ’06-’07 (Kaiser, etc).

    The hate is strong in you young one.

  7. Smith: That phone, the GS II and some recently announced HTC devices I believe, illustrates what happens when you have multiple OEMs fighting very hard for space on the top hardware shelf. You only have that with Android.

    Apple sets the bar pretty high of course, but they only adjust that bar every once in a while. And Windows Phone, well, if I were in that camp, what I call Camp Vocal Minority, I’d be relieved if it weren’t abandoned before I were up for another upgrade.

  8. Sean: Yes, too far (thanks for asking).

    All you and your people do when debating exactly how few people are buying phones of your platform is, in addition to saying the stats are lies, bring up the game-changing contributions to look forward to when Nokia and Mango engage later in the year. So when I said those two things will be underwhelming and / or late, what I meant to say is that they will turn out to be underwhelming, late or both, that no games will be changed.

    So what did everyone steal from Windows Mobile? “Leaked” roms of new and not noticeably improved CE builds and some crap decorations by your favorite chef? I never saw any cease and desist fly out of Google to some guy mirroring roms. Or maybe you’re talking about the Windows Update icon? I could never get mine to do anything. Maybe that’s because I updated my phone through improper channels.

  9. This will be simple.
    MSFT wp7 is worldwide product, only 7 months and its already available to all USA carriers, obviously MSFT is targeting the no1 spot, who cares what iPhone 5 looks like or does, the same people who owns iPhone 1234 will buy all Apple.
    If you don’t own a wp7, you don’t have the right to comment about it.
    Wp7 is here for a long haul… Skype,Nokia in 7mos??? We all know what MSFT is trying to d.winmo is history, like BlackBerry.
    Wp7 is the future…. One good thing about wp7 platform is,IT DOESNT NEED AN APP TO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL!!!!!!! GO GET ONE…..

  10. ed: Not only have I paid my dues in terms of trying the thing and going on about how great it is and in your book should have the “right” to talk about it, I also have the right to continue winning money by betting where my mouth is.

    Skype, huh. Are you aware of how much carrier ass Microsoft is trying to kiss? Read about it on WMPU. That would not be good for business, some P2P voice and video over IP thing. What do you expect Nokia to offer, the company that negotiated hard to lower the minimum specs of something no one knows even vaguely when the things will be sold?

    I’m with you on Blackberry though it’s funny to hear the decimal percenter throwing that stone.

    What is in the future of WP that isn’t presently there? And what’s wrong with getting apps? I can do it on my phone either on the phone or I can trigger an OTA installation one on a computer without tethering. They make it nice and easy.

    By the way since you’re the expert, any advice for us on how to embed videos that will play on your phone embedded?

    Go get apps… sort of like a decent turn by turn navigation app, the one that was included? You can get those without having to bring along your old winmo phone with your bootlegged copy of tomtom?

  11. What did they take from WM?
    C’mon, android is like WM 7.5 now. Just like it, same thing all over again just prettier.

  12. The OS, or the individual devices? Yes the OS sells well but which particular device is selling that well (fragmentation). And is that one that’s doing the best one of the ones that gets ALL the updates and what not?

    Are you implying that WM was successful??

  13. All I’m trying to say here is, wp7 is a different experience in mobile, its true its catching up with everything that we have today, but the difference is wp7 implements all this things smoothly,uniquely and fast. The apps on wp7 platform are the most prettiest, they don’t have apps like IOS,Android, but most of the apps that we have now on marketplace are what people use, there’s nothing wrong using the app, but it’s better if you don’t have to….
    The embedded videos is controversial, and I won’t talk about why Google is blocking making an official app for wp7.
    The Facebook integration in wp7 is a good example of non app function, and I just can’t imagine what it would be like when twitter ,messenger and etc Aka MANGO!!!!
    I’m not an expert on this,but I’m aware.. I don’t go too deep on things. The Skype purchase is a very good acquisition by MSFT, this will start a movement of WiFi calling with out the video,, so instead of using your minutes you use this, not a good thing for carriers.
    Nokia may not matter much here in the USA, but its still the largest phone maker in the world,.
    Not all people are phone specs literate, they don’t care about dual core this 4g here, chipset,or whatever.. Wp7 is a beautiful OS. 7 Mos in the making and its already making a lot of BUZZ.

  14. You know when you had a really shitty day, something bad happened, and then the next day you wake up and for a good blissful few seconds you don’t remember bad things that happened? Well that’s exactly how I feel every morning when I wake up and it hits me how fragmented Android is, how my life has been so affected by that negatively.

    So I’m experimenting with long lasting benzos and hypnotics in order to try to prolong that state of not realizing how much I screwed up by getting a Nexus. Twice.

  15. 310 devices? Wow… okay, you got me how is the Samsung Galaxy S II selling?
    Is it the latest, greatest? Or wait, i thought that would be the Nexus?

    Hell with 310 of ’em who the f**k knows!? If I were to base it on what I see I’d assume it’d be whatever motorola is putting out.
    And of that 310 which one(s) get the latest updates, and which get left out of the loop?

  16. Yeah well don’t be offended ed if I don’t ask you to manage my savings even though you know Microsoft’s ticker symbol and insist that six billion for Skype was worth it.

    As “most prettiest” your shovelware and UI may be, — wait a sec, why Google isn’t doing something for Windows Phone? Even Microsoft (Bing, Photosynth) doesn’t bother doing it.

    So what that Nokia sells a lot of low to mid range phones?

    And did you really just cite people generally not being “specs literate” as something Windows Phone has going for it?

  17. Sean: >95% of Android devices that have accessed the market last month had Android 2 on them.

    Whereas Windows Mobile/Phone has a rather large share, comparatively, of users still stuck with Windows Mobile.

    And the phone is selling very well, Samsung is proving itself.

    Those who want the Nexus S know where to find it. The number of such places continues to increase I understand. I like it, though I still like my first one.

    But hey, I’m sure there’s a good reason to have all your OEMs strap down the bootloader, right?

  18. why wont MSFT make bing for GOOGLE??? EVEN YOU, can answer that question, photosynth???? Why would Google need that???
    Worth it or not only future can tell! Nokia phones all over the world, when it comes to business a penny counts. its all about making money..
    Do you even a wp7? If not go check the fbook app on wp7 and Android or IOS compare them 3, panoramic apps is the most simplest way doing things.
    FYI 8billion. I said not all people…..

  19. Maybe you could tell me what percentage of WP users are using a NoDo phone? What’s Microsoft’s link to that information? Kinda curious, Zune and all, having to fire up your computer and MS iTunes to update your phone, if that’s either seemed to speed things up or the opposite.

    In the event of Mango being released to all existing phones, maybe you could produce that link again to prove how unfragmented WP still is.

    The biggest thing limiting WP’s fragmentation, from where I’m sitting, is a huge lack of progress.

  20. Hey dipshit Microsoft puts more resources into other mobile platforms, namely mine and Apple’s, than they do into their own. Which is understandable. Funny, but smart.

    Why do you care whether or not I own one? I don’t own one. What have I said that I am not qualified to say, not having owned one, other than how great the software and battery life was, stable, boots fast and whatever, from my own experience which turned out to be consistent with the youtube clips and all the articles, which I say routinely?

    Nokia’s base, the ones that buy what you’d call their smarter phones, may be more loyal to MeeGo, Symbian than they are to the Nokia brand, just like many Symbian developers are to their programming environment and their anathema to Microsoft but soft spot for Android and iPhone. You see you’re expecting Nokia to flip the table upside down for you because hey, they’re Nokia, all over the world man, but I’m less than convinced you’ll even see a Nokia phone anytime soon and if that ever does happen it will not change a thing. That’s assuming the arrangement and interest in making it happen doesn’t evaporate between now and then.

  21. Android is going to be the “most popular” because it is on so many devices, and form factors. Once again at one point I’m sure WM was too for the same reasons. But hey Mickey D’s sells billions too, must make them some gourmet shit too, huh?

    So Doug you think it’s bad that MS is limiting fragmentation? C’mon dude you can’t be so far gone that you don’t see an issue with what Android is doing. A lotta choices, yes… hell yes. Way too many to be honest.

  22. You haven’t seen one??? Come on???
    MSFT is divided into different teams and departments, you have to remember MSFT is a software maker, if you see them make one for others ,that’s because its a money maker and that department has to do it. Windows phone team is separate from what other team does, tis is business MAKING MONEY.
    NOW, Symbian??? Why are we still talking about it? There’s nothing to talk about it. Meego is brand new, a test!!! And I’m sure will flop!!!
    Nokia is a major brand dude, it will be a big boost for Nokia to have wp7 and vice versa.
    Like what I said a penny is a penny.
    Symbian devs and meego devs???? Come on now dude those guys are all gonna be wp7 devs. Yes if you don’t own a wp7 stop talking about it, because what you see and hear is totally different experience when you actually own one. I don’t talk about iPhone cuz I don’t own one, I can talk about Android cuz I have one.
    DROID X, HD7

  23. Sean, no problem, I’ll repeat myself for you again: What I meant when I said that a lack of progress is the biggest thing limiting fragmentation in WP was that there have been very few incidents of progress with software and hardware in connection to Windows Phone and that because of the lack of progress, change, it’s difficult to fragment things even if they wanted to. And I sort of let it remain open ended for you to conclude that that’s not necessarily something to be delighted to brag about.

  24. Less a tremendous lack of progress other than what your site and all the other are always ‘reporting’ in the whopping 7-8 months it’s been on the market.
    Yeah dude, they suck sooooooo bad at whatever they are trying to do.

  25. ed even though you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about I’ll keep throwing Smith more comments because I’m such a sweetheart.

    Clearly you did your homework on Symbian so I retract everything I said.

    I hate anecdotal evidence as much as the next guy but I bought nothing but HTC phones since my first cell phone. Then one day Google says the next Google phone, the Nexus, would be Samsung, and just like that I said goodbye to HTC. And that wasn’t just over the platform, that was the damn name of an experimental line of phones that don’t sell well.

    I don’t know why you’re convinced that Symbian developers are all going to go to WP. Firstly, that’s just completely not true. Many will go to Android, many to iPhone and you know what else? Many will continue to develop for Symbian including for Nokia phones and others. Nokia, contrary to whatever you misread, is not exiting the Symbian business and some slack that they end up creating if they continue down this road beyond some pledge to Microsoft (they’re paying Microsoft to pay them you know, seriously) may be filled by other companies seeing this as an opportunity.

    I don’t give a shit what phone you have, you’re an idiot. And you can run and tell that.

    I own 2 os/phones and I don’t care if you don’t give a fuck, I’m just making a point here.
    Android is most in numbers but will never be the most popular… Android is free give aways for manufacturers, Google doesn’t care what they do that’s why when the phone comes out, almost all Android phones have problem!!!!! Now Google is slowly changing that habit.
    Make it now fix it later!!!! That’s googles motto, people buy it because there no other choice.
    No wonder this site don’t have any ads.

  27. I thought it didn’t have any ads because I’m running adblock.

    I don’t mean to change the subject, but you said something interesting, that you’re somehow relaying your comments or maybe all comments on threads on which you comment either to, from or both to and from Twitter.

    Could you elaborate on how and why you’re involving Twitter?

    It does explain the missing verbs.

  28. Cuz like you I try to spread the word about my favorite wp7, but dude u have anger problem… Good luck with ur iPhone5.

  29. The iPhone 5 will be enough of a reason for me to buy one. The best platform for me is iOS and I don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. I also love my iPad 2.

    Ed: I haven’t seen a single wp7 device in the ‘wild’ either. Not too hard to believe since they’ve only sold a million and change of them.

  30. Ey Chris, you will never see one unless you owe one. We have an app called I’m am wp7 and there you see all users.

  31. I will see ur dot soon Doug, why are always on the attack mode dude. What did MSFT do to you to hate them so much…go ask Paul turrot how to respond to his readers and commenters

  32. I don’t need to ask him how. I know how, check out his sites regularly. Just not my style right now, breaking out that somewhat fair and balanced personality for you.

    I got an RSS client on my phone (well a Google Reader reader rather), and his is the only one out of over sixty feeds for which I have to and bother to do this, set to download his articles surrounded by the entire original unmobilized web pages, which are a bitch with about a thousand vertical pixels of server gibberish and graphics, a whole lot of unimpressively sizzling sizzle to slice through, about 600KB an article without the ads, served of course by IIS because the man’s got his reasons, just so I can get my Thurrott on offline while riding the subway. I even managed to sweat through some video radio show podcast thing he did a week or two ago, an hour long, the first podcast I’ve ever watched.

    Then I take a stroll through the likes of WMPU and see people bringing up his name as if he’s an enemy to them because for every five good or neutral observations he makes about Microsoft he throws in a lightly negative jab or suggests that Google’s not bad at something. I wouldn’t really call them jabs, he’s not being combative, but that’s surely how they’re received.

    For example, the sort of thing that rubs those people the wrong way even if you have the “Win Supersite!” website and its offshoots, in this thing, this tl;dw podcast, he brings up how Microsoft has exited the business of writing software for tomorrow’s hardware, that they won’t do that on Windows 8 or maybe ever again, and that that is among the reasons why their mojo and the excitement they stir is aligning with companies like Exxon (I actually stole that from him but used 3M instead of Exxon) and that this all started when Longhorn derailed, with the accompanying article, or maybe an older one, whatever, saying it had nothing to do with the feds keeping them down with the antitrust thing as Microsoft apologists claim.

    Insightful shit I thought. Then he’s going on about how sweet Office365 is and even though I’m a Google fanatic I start to think hey maybe I shouldn’t just push Google Apps in my little reselling business, all this Sharepoint crap sounds like a recent client might have preferred it. Then I thought, man, that was definitely not the Howard Stern Show, time to get normal entertainment.

    So back on WMPU and here too I run into these anti-Thurrott comments and when I see that shit in enemy territory, a site for Windows Mobile Power Users for example and whatever this place has become, just like that the people saying it and the other people not calling him out it, I get the impression real fast that they are condemning him, or the person they told sarcastically to go back to his blogs, for not being extreme fanatics like they are and even though I’m only on WMPU is because I too am somewhat fanatical I still like to get some of my information from a source of general reason. Not so much a personality or someone trolling for views (me) but reason.

    Thurrott strikes me, and this is an impression he reaffirms each time I take a stroll through his new content and its irritating, really irritating decoration and even superstitial ads sometimes I think, as commanding more credibility than anyone else I’ve come across and I’ll often read what he’s got to say even if it’s as foreign to my interests as Sharepoint. Wish he’d write more about Google of course, but I guess I have to pay my dues, a few things about Azure and Sharepoint and then a treat about how he told the WP team this is exactly how NoDo would play out and they not only didn’t believe him but they got all whiny about it.

    The funny thing? I only found out about him and how great Office365 is enough to actually look into it a little because some Microsoft fanatic on this website thought lowly of him for not being enough of a fanatc enough to inadvertently drive me onto the man’s websites.

    That’s some poetic shit right there.

  33. Hmm I don’t think there is any chance Apple will get my business back thanks to WP7. I was an iPhone 3gs owner for almost two years and was bored with the device for most of it. WP7 is a refreshing change and with the Microsoft purchasing Skype and Mango coming soon I can’t imagine going back to Apple.

    IMO Apple has not made very significant changes since the first gen. The layout is mundane at best and the fact that the lock screen is still useless baffles me. The app switcher is horrendous to use and fact that you have no choice in physical device makes it pretty awful. For me to buy an iPhone 5 I would need

    1. Bigger screen
    2. Notifications and other things on the lock screen
    3. Complete redesign of the boring grid interface
    4. Something to compete with live tiles
    5. A better camera
    6. A better app switcher
    7. Better reception
    8. Better web browser (better use of space and faster)
    9. Embracing the homebrew community (as Microsoft is suppose to be doing… hopefully while my device is still around)
    10.Hard tab and or shift key on the side (I dont understand why no phones have this. It makes an onscreen keyboard and forms so much quicker and easier to use)

    I had more but I can’t remember what they were. My overall time with iPhone was ok but all the while i missed my old Palm Treo 680 and after getting my Samsung Focus with WP7 quickly forgot the iPhone 3gs.

  34. If the iPhone 5 looked like that concept and Mango was signficantly delayed come late fall i’ll be buying the iPhone 5. I love my Windows Phone and the ease it allows me to do what I need to do. That being said i’m a technologist at heart and so I go with what works and what gives me the power to do what I aim to do.

    Android is NOT an option simply because the UI blows to me. But this article isn’t about Android or Windows Phone its about the iPhone.

    If the iPhone 5 can offer me the ability to work seamlessly with my files the way the upcoming Mango update to Windows Phone combined with Office365 can then I will strongly consider going that route.

    Simmons you’re spending all this time berating Windows Phone on an iPhone article. What gives? Stay focused man.

  35. Wrong, this is, though de facto, yet another Windows Phone / Android article. It’s also about me in various respects.

    And as of right now, additionally, this is also an article about what this article is and is not about.

  36. This fall is going to be intense. Apple has something great in store i’m sure and it’ll be interesting to see the new wave of Windows Phone devices.

  37. This coming holiday season will be Apple vs MSFT, android has nothing to offer they all look the same, dual core??? 4G?? I’m not paying extra for it. 4G is only data, my 3g is just fine, what’s the point of having 4g if there’s a cap on your data??? Well unless u have the money.
    In the end of the day we all connect to WiFi and carriers love that…
    Mango vs Apple………….. I already know what I like.

  38. All things considered…. Android is kick ass no matter what, Apple/iPhone is way to much about status and they don’t actually focus on anything that matters (they have hooked people and all they have to do is make something slightly different and drones will buy it), and windows phone 7 is late in the game and lacking some features but has one of the easiest, sexiest, most unique AI’s in the game and has made a huge huge leap from WM. Most of it is personally preference. If you want to look cool get an iPhone (or to look cool but rebel get Android), if you are tech savy and want a phone that can do a lot of shit get Android, if you want a simple, fast, reliable phone and are willing to wait to have all the features get WP7.

    I got a WP7 cause it was free and i expected to hate it and use my upgrade for an android. But as it stands WP7 has enough features that it doesn’t fall short enough to matter and Microsoft is a huge company that will pull through and has really been stepping it up with Windows 7 and WP7.

    That said I have used Linux personally for years. I have it on my netbook and my webserver at home. It makes me laugh hysterically when people will try to put down WP7 (and sometimes Apple) because Android is open source and that is where it is at… No limitations yet the same people would never give Ubuntu a chance, or any other linux distro. Again i love Android don’t hate and if you do then.. ok but Android fanboys have been giving Android a really bad name. They make it like Apple fanboys and then some.

  39. Love my WP7 device, its so nice to use.

    Mango will put WP7 ahead of everything else, with integrated facebook chat and skype coming soon, for me has brought my loyalty for a long time to come.

  40. What will it take for me to buy an iPhone5? Hmm…. nice question. It got me thinking really. iPhone5… hmm…

    Btw, you should have “summary posts” when a thread gets longer than 20 replies. Man, am I supposed to read all of this ? Or will somebody tell me what the hell happened here? Because it certainly doesn’t look like iPhone5ish to me.

    But getting back to the iPhone5, I think I need to think it over and get some expert help to tell me how the iPhone5 will differ from the iPhone. Will I be able to make calls, for example?

    Wait a min, WHAT blog is this? How the hell did you manage to trick me into thinking about buying an iPhone? Man, this is subversion!!!! Sacrilége!!!!!

    That does it – I’m ‘unsubscribing’….

  41. There are a host of reasons and many of them already submitted for consideration, but in a desire to contribute something new and unique to discussion; Itunes will have to relinquish its hold on being the worst file management program ever, in order for the iphone to even be some sort of option. Itunes, has been, and probably will always be a steaming pile of fecal excrement because they never do shit about it. Terrible cd ripping options, file transfer options, audio playback quality, etc. Zune isn’t amazing or anything but it can’t even find a dick to suck thanks to itunes.

  42. If Keira Knightly were to show up at my door, with a suitcase full of Beer and an IPhone hidden somewhere about her body, I would at least try to look for the device.
    As far as using the device,,,,,,, I think I would have to be deep in the throes of Beer goggleitis to even consider stoppingg to look for it.

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