It’s not easy being an iPhone guy around Mobility Digest. Not a day goes by that there isn’t some sort of shot fired at “iChris” or myself. David K seems to delight more so than anyone on the team affectionately renaming Chris Leiter “iChris”. I remember a few sarcastic emails flung our way when he came across a certain  White iPhone 4 Joke video he happened across.

We have seen White iPhone 4 teasers before, popping up HERE, and most recently on Best Buy. Well today we have more white iPhone 4 sightings from AT&T’s online system provided to us by some of BGR’s trusty Ninjas. From the look of the Doc, we got some 16gb and 32gb versions coming in white. At this point it seems a waste of time to solicit white iPhone 4 sales just before the new device version sometime this summer gets released. But apparently AT&T and Apple think differently.

Watch the comments from our Windows Phone team members “color” commentary.


  1. Actually I read a post this morning (don’t remember the source) where a couple entrepreneurial youngsters from South Florida will turn your iPhone4; white, or red, blue and pink. They have the necessary parts required. Think it was $89 for the DIY kit or $129 for them to do it. Now you just need to get past those iScrews.

  2. I still don’t get what the big deal about a white phone is? Especially since the first thing anybody does is go out and buy a protective cover to “personalize” it anyway.

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