The 928 is available starting tomorrow from Verizon for $99. Accessories are already appearing — — So, you in?


  1. Maybe. According to wikipedia, the phone’s LTE runs on band 13, 700MHz, and AT&T might have that, or may be building it up (,,

    Additionally, GSM on 850/900/AWS/1900/2100, HSPA+ on the same plus 2100 (I don’t know what speed the phone can do), and for CDMA2000 on 800 and 1900MHz , don’t know if that’s a different model or a phone with a super radio, or if wikipedia’s correct).

    Though having LTE on top of a good HSPA+ radio on a good network, unless you’re in a dense city, is a bit overrated. Though it has a surprise LTE radio, on HSPA+ my Nexus can do 21mbps down with a 42ms ping, which is … decent. Theoretically at least TMo could crank the knob up to 42mbps. But if all the Indians move to Connecticut overnight, then I’ll be needing to figure out how to warm that LTE radio up, on account of its superior spectral efficiency, and there being a whole lot of these Indians out there.

    But they seem to flock to Google conventions, so I think I’m good.

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