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Made in U.S.A

When I was kid and living in India, I had one stapler, which was made in USA. I liked its quality and from then onwards I wished I had access to made in USA goods. Of course they are not affordable for most of Indians. After migrating to US, I seldom saw made in U.S.A goods. Now it is almost close to zero. You go to any store, made in USA goods are not at all visible, even if they exist. Now I think we are going to see made in USA products happening more often, because Apple, the trendsetter, is bringing some. . Apple’s chief Tim Cook shared more about the Mac that they are building in the USA. He also said they are planning to move the entire production to onshore and are investing $100M for that. Cook says it is going to be the first Mac after 1994 to built completely in the U.S . Once they release it I will buy one definitely. “Be American, Buy American.”   Would you buy one, once they release it here?

Source: Mac User