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Android Malware following the Footsteps of Windows Ransomware

A new Trojan has been found by Symantec (aka Norton). It is called Android Defender and while this Trojan is in the early developmental stages, it is still a virus you do not want. This Trojan like its counter parts Windows Fake FBI Ransomware and MAC OSX Defender Ransomware will take control over the android device. The permissions it will take as follows:


When the Trojan is being installed, it requests permissions to perform the following actions:

Access location information, such as Cell-ID or WiFi.

Access location information, such as GPS information.

Access information about networks.

Access information about the WiFi state.

Change network connectivity state.

Change Wi-Fi connectivity state.

Allows applications to disable the keyguard.

Expand or collapse the status bar.

Access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service.

Open network connections.

Ends background processes.

Read user’s contacts data.

Check the phone’s current state.

Read SMS messages on the device.

Start once the device has finished booting.

Open windows.

Make the phone vibrate.

Prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

Create new contact data.

Write to external storage devices.

Create new SMS messages.

Install a shortcut.”


If you see this on your device or about to install it DO NOT INSTALL, please. Like the Windows and Mac Counterparts, this virus takes full control over the device and locks the user out till the user pays a ransom fee.

While this may scare some people into paying the fee, it is encouraged not to pay the fee and immediately remove the program. If not able to remove yourself then Symantec offers away to help by clicking on this link in their removal section

We here at Mobility Digest encourage all of our readers who use Android Devices to make sure you have some type of virus protection and practice safe surfing, and installing apps on your device.

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