I feel like Microsoft is finally breaking the app gap that has been a problem for Windows Phones. The recent releases are a good sign of where things have been moving. But all of their focus on Windows Phones have left their flagship Windows 8 behind. Where is Instagram for Windows 8? Angry Birds Go! is coming on the 11th for all mobile operating systems but that doesn’t includes Windows 8. This is becoming a trend with the focus on phones and the desktop OS falling behind. It’s hard to sell an ecosystem like this. I tried first hand convincing someone to get a Dell Venue Pro and the app gap between the iPad mini sealed its fate. Real simple: if they want to sell tablets they need to have a competitive ecosystem on both the commercial and consumer fronts. They need to follow their own lead and pay developers to build out the W8 store.


  1. Remember that Microsoft has had the excellent Nokia Developer Relations team taking on a significant part of building momentum with apps coming to WP8.

    I fully expect the Nokia team to be integrated into Microsoft and help devs understand the importance and opportunity that delivering their apps to the Win8 ecosystem brings.

    I also wondered this morning why Microsoft hasn’t opened up a first party studio up for devs to develop Win8/WP8 apps.

  2. Wait!? Isn’t the Dell Windows 8.1 and not RT? That’s crazy, lol. I would buy the Dell and an Android device for the price of the Ipad! I would have everything covered.

  3. Call me a vindictive prick, but I would approach this differently. If Instagram does not think it’s important to develop for Windows 8 then (sorry boss) fuck em. Find every competing service and encourage them (financially or through development support) to build an app for Win8. And politely tell Instagram when they come calling, they are not welcome (unless they build their app in HTML7, ha ha). The world doesn’t revolve around Instagram. It does revolve around Microsoft. Time to flex some muscle. Do that once or twice, and the app race will be over. I would boycott an brand stupid enough to not realize the potential of Windows 8. You don’t want to get on my naughty list.

    • You just echoed my exact feelings. Now, I do know and understand the importance of “apps”, but I’m tired of the app related BS. I’m tired of people thinking that apps run everything. There’s no way I’m going to invest hundreds of dollars in a device only to let a free “app” determine which product I buy.

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