On WindowsPhone7.com they are showing off two new videos that show how nicely their onscreen keyboard inputs words. Of course, it’s a PITA to access the site so we’ve uploaded them to YouTube as one video that’s just a minute long. The first demo shows how auto corrections work. In other words, spell things wrong or leave out an apostrophe and it inserts them. You also get to see the predictive text that you can just tap on. Looks like butter. And you get a glimpse into how to go back in the text to make changes and you can see that there’s a cursor placed above the finger so you don’t block its view. A glimpse into copy and paste? Yeah.

Next up is using custom words. In their example they use the word ‘dood’ intentionally. So if you want that in your dictionary, just retype the word to override the auto correction and next time you type it’s there in your dictionary so you can use it.  Enough talk, here it is in action:


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  2. The second example is not about custom words. It’s just one time overriding the auto correction. Next time you type the word, it’s auto corrected again. No custom dictionary seeoms to be implemented yet.
    @Skyau Yes, you can turn auto corrections off – it’s also my personal preference :-)

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