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Dial Without Looking

GestureDialer There’s an app on the G1 that lets you dial without looking at your phone (great for driving). The way it works is that if you just pick up your phone wherever you place your finger is set to 5 and you move your finger to the number you want. So if you just wanted a 5 you just tap the phone. If you want a 1 you press and go up and to the left (where the 1 key would be relative to the 5 key). Anaadoul of XDA has written a copy of this application for Windows Mobile and it actually works quite well. Dialing is simple and there’s a little vibration when a number is selected. When you want to dial you just go to the lower right hand corner to initiate a call. And for those wondering, this is a standalone application – it does not impact your standard dialer and once you tell the app to initiate a call it is made through your regular dialer.

It’s certainly a neat concept. I’m sure a lot of people who really need hands-free would consider this as an alternative to Microsoft Voice Command and regardless of which you prefer this does add another option. A future release will say the number pressed out loud to help confirm the keypress and we’ll update this posting when it is released.

Gesture Dialer can be downloaded from here.