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Epic Citadel – The best looking portable ‘game’ ever?

Epic Games showed off a demo of Project Sword at the Apple music event earlier this week.  The demo boasted some extremely impressive visuals which almost seemed impossible coming from an iOS device. But apparently through the magic that is the Unreal 3 engine, they can pull it off.  Epic Games decided to release Epic Citadel to the wild to show that the technology is very much real, and very, very impressive.  Set in a medieval castle location, you are able to explore the beautiful grounds using two different control methods – tap to select destination and pan to look, or using two virtual joysticks (which are extremely easy to use) to look and move.  The graphics are simply stunning, especially on the iPhone 4’s “retina” display.  There is very little slow down, and all of the lighting and textures look great.  If you have an iOS device, check it out here: LINK TO APPLE APP STORE