Channel9 took a look at the AT&T WP7 devices and we get a look at the LG Quantum in landscape mode. Now, if you saw Ramon’s videos earlier today you may have noticed that when the Quantum keyboard slides open, the MS UI does not rotate so the home screen remains the same regardless of the keyboard. However, within MS’s apps (like email) you can see that the keyboard does trigger portrait mode. You can even see how the notifications move to the far left instead of the top so they don’t take up extra room which is smart.

I still think the home screen should rotate or else you wind up constantly turning the phone regardless of the keyboard position. You?


  1. I’m sure that I’ve seen the home screen rotated into landscape in an earlier built.

    I remember that it showed two extra tiles in that mode (10 tiles).

    I don’t know why they removed it, and where I saw it!

  2. yeah i did notice that in the movies. i was like “uh oh.. design flaw” if there is no auto landscape ui im sure people will be calling out for it and it will come in one of the updates along with the promised copy/cut/paste

  3. Dunno. I think as long as the app/hub rotates the home screen can stay put. Tap mail and read a bit. Find something to reply to so you open the keyboard. That’s what I do.

    I think rotating, reordering the tiles would be unneeded effort. Work on cut/paste and other important stuff instead.

  4. But why would you have your keyboard open in the home screen? It’s not like there is any data-input there… It seems pointless to open it., so it’s pointless to rotate the home screen.

  5. If I’m typing an email and go to the homescreen to switch to Facebook and want to do a status update then I would ahve to rotate the screen back and forth which is silly.
    I know about the original ‘lab’ image and presumed that the final build would include that…didn’t happen at least yet cause clearly it’s not rotating. This is a simple animation and considering WP7 is filled with them I figured this would be a simple one for them…

  6. I’m 90% sure that ‘everybody’s’ favorite phone out there also doesn’t turn the homescreen when the phone is turned in landscape mode. Actually Android doesn’t either, but that kinda depends on the Launcher running on it.

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