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Syncing your HERE and Nokia Map Accounts

So you recently read about how you should create a new HERE account soon because your Nokia account, just like all things Micronokia, are going away. So you quickly created your new HERE account and nothing. No way to sync. And then just today there is an update to HERE Maps for Windows Phone that fixed a bug preventing you from syncing your two accounts. Yeah, I know. Still can’t find a way to sync your data. Right?

No worries. This is all you need to do. Go to the below link (not as was suggested).


You will see the below message at the top of your screen.


Login to you’re HERE account and you will see an option to sync/import your Nokia data. Can’t show you the screen as it’s a one time only thing. Once you click the button, you will be asked to login to your existing Nokia account. One more click and your Favorites will be imported to you’re HERE account. You will receive a confirmation email indicating that everything is good to go.

Easy, when you know how to do it.