Just did a refresh of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace using the Bing Visual Search feature.  It shows an awesome 2,025 apps in the marketplace as of a few minutes ago.  Something tells me that a lot of apps developed for the market were being held because they were more US based than global.  Will we continue to see a steady pace similar to this week or will it slow to a crawl?  Remember that at least for games Microsoft has gone on record in saying they are going to be releasing games for the phones similar to the way they roll out games for Xbox Live so as to give games their 15 minutes of fame they deserve.



  1. Well so far I have downloaded 47 apps/games (mostly free), dumped 4, purchased 10 and am currently trialing 2. I have pretty much everything I was using on my Tilt2, minus several browsers, music and video players, and lots of tools and utilities, that I don’t really need anymore. Three of the four I got rid of were all Task/ToDo apps that I am in hot pusuit of. Sure glad I didn’t have to slog through 100K+ to find what I needed. Five or 10K would suit me just fine.

  2. Agreed, the more I look around the marketplace and see so many apps I want to at least try the more I realize that at 10k the market will be saturated with goodness. Aside from that you’ll just be getting very task specific apps.

  3. Wow – all these apps and not one that I can use to locate “adult” websites when I’m online? I want to take full advantage of the beautiful screen on my Surround and of course the slide out speaker :)…

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