The swish army knife of the smartphone world has gained itself another blade. The HD2 now has an operationally port of the Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 OS, thanks to the devoted DFT team. has posted a very well constructed guide to getting the goodness up and running on your HD2. Almost everything seems to be running except the live services, but we’ve seen reports on of a fix for that.

Needless to say, this is huge news for HD2 owners. The device has long surpassed its product cycle and is proving to be a gem of a device all over again! Enjoy your WP7 HD2!


via Engadget and Addictivetips


  1. So could someone list the things 7 would give over 6.5? I can already do everything on the list in this articel so I am obviously missing something. thanks

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  3. Flashed Android to NAND on mine Dec 31st and will never even consider a Windows phone again, not even WP7.

  4. @darryl: Actually WP7 would probably do less than what your 6.5 does today. But what it does do, it will do much better, and much faster (at least on a device built for WP7). A few other things; Facebook integration, XBox games, Zune & Live tiles. But ultimately the choice is yours.

    @HiTekRedneck: Well before you flashed Android on Dec 31st, you didn’t know what it would be like. To never try is to never know. Enjoy your Android whatever build.

  5. @jimski: Correction on that jimski, I did know what it would be like, I had been running a couple of Android builds from the SD card for quite a few months. These were my daily builds, both were stable, fast, smooth and were easy on battery. I was getting only 3-5 mAh battery drain in the SD builds which is on par or a tad bit better than what Windows Mobile was consuming. Now on NAND, I am getting 1 mAh drain with radio on and 3 mAh drain with both WiFi and radio on. I was just waiting for NAND development to reach the MAGLDR public release so that I could flash one of my builds to internal memory and forget about seeing that god-awful windows boot-up before I could get into the Android OS. Once that day came it was a matter of moving forward and never looking back to windows Mobile ever again.

    “To never try is to never know” is true, but not in my case. I have seen my share of WP7 devices and simply do not care for it in any way. IMHO, Android is the way of the future and I am all about moving forward, and not at all about kicking and flailing an aged horse and trying to get it to run as fast as a 2 year old thoroughbred. LOL

    To each his own I say.

    Best regards and enjoy your WP7

  6. @HiTekRedneck: Ok, fair enough. Question though, if you love Android and obviously can’t stand the sight of WM, WTF are you doing with a Windows Mobile phone? Dump it already and get some real Android goodness. Its obvious you prefer to tweak the shit out of your stuff, so go to it. Thought I liked tweaking till I played with WP7 for a couple days. Now I just have fun and leave the heavy lifting to M$. Like you said though, to each is own. Glad Apple has not tried to patent the Smartphone. Then we would both be in a world of poo.

  7. @jimski: Long story about the Windows Mobile phone and how I came about obtaining it. Long story short, the wife and I both got the Tilt 2 through extending contracts with AT&T. At that time there was no choice of Android phones to choose from. The wife ended up not liking hers so I bought it and used it as a spare device for tweaking purposes. Not long after that, a work colleague of mine was in a similar situation when he and his wife extended their contracts on T-mo and got HD2’s. His wife ended up not liking the HD2 because it did not have the slide out keyboard. Next thing you know, we traded one for the other and everyone was happy, except my wife who ended up buying an unlocked Samsung Star, which she really hates. The rest is history.

    HmmmHmmm …. Apple has no chance of a patent on a “smart phone” cuz we all know that the iPhone is a dumb phone. It takes little or no brain power to fire it up and use it. And, the deep thinkers (smart phone users) get really frustrated by all of the proprietary bull$41t that Apple doles out and wouldn’t be caught dead with one. Who wants a phone that you can only do what Apple says you can do with it? Dumb phone users, that’s who.

    Some folks want their cake, and some want the cake and the ability to eat it as well. Nuff said. LOL

  8. @jimski: Oh, by the way, I’ll dump the HD2 when there is actually something on the market that has hardware specs as good as the HD2 and runs Android natively. So far I have not seen anything that holds a candle to it but it looks as though AT&T is finally getting smart and will be bringing devices such as the Motorola Atrix out soon. The specs, features and availability of accessories make it a very attractive option when my contract is due for renewal in March.

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