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Microsoft Takeover of Nokia Continues: MS Vet Named Pres of Nokia US

When Stephen Elop was named CEO of Nokia everyone thought that a Microsoft coup was underway. He’s a former VP for Microsoft and seems to have done right by his former company by bringing them back under Microsoft’s wing. And that takeover has continued. Nokia US has announced that Chris Weber has been appointed as President of Nokia US and Head of Markets (North America). And who is Chris Weber? “He is a Microsoft veteran, who during his 16 years with the company held several senior executive positions in sales, marketing and professional services. Among his key roles were Corporate Vice President leading Microsoft’s US Enterprise and Partner Group as well as heading the US EPG National Sales Excellence and Industry Organization.” Ballmer, you just may know what you’re doing after all. To those that thought you were crazy, you proved you’re crazy like a fox. Well played sir. There may be a few more executive positions at Nokia for you to fill though, so keep at it.