Just minutes ago I posted about the possibility of tethering on Windows Phone and BAM I’m tethered! Patrick (from MobilityDigest as well as Xbox 360 Digest to name a few) gave me the login and password for AT&T tethering and once I put them in I was connected using my Focus and my laptop was on the web! And not just that, it’s pretty easy.
Note that for now this method only works for Samsung devices because you need to get into Diagnosis and we only know how to do this for Samsung. Nonetheless, the OS can tether so it’s just a matter of time.


Here’s the step by step:
1) open your phone and dial ##634# then press call. You’ll go into the Diagnosis Menu (going forward this icon appears in your programs so you don’t need to dal that again). This is just a phone dialer with a little icon and note on top.

2) In diagnosis mode (phone dialer) dial *#7284# and a dialogue will pop up letting you change the settings from Zune to modem or “Modem, USB dialog.”. You want to go with “Modem, Tethered Call”. It will restart you phone after a few seconds. [UPDATE: I forgot to mention that you need Zune installed on the PC or else the driver install won’t go correctly. If the drivers fail, add Zune, reconnect the phone and they’ll be fixed. Also, if the drivers don’t work try the drivers here  (from Long Zheng of istartedsomething)] Once it restarts, connect to your PC over USB and drivers will be installed on your computer. Now go to your connections on your PC and you’ll see that a Samsung modem was added.

3) on your PC you need to change the setting for the Samsung modem. If you set it to prompt for user name you’ll be able to put in the login info. This is all it is for AT&T:
number: *99***1#
password: CINGULAR1
Go to connect and BAM. You’re tethered. [Note: For Optimus 7 users check these instructions]

I will tell you it went to ‘register’ the first time and failed. The second time worked and now I can connect and disconnect by plugging/unplugging my USB cord and I’m tethered baby!

connected 2

So you know, as long as you are in this mode Zune will not connect. You need to change the settings back to Zune for USB. So just sync Zune over wifi and call it a day and leave USB for tethering. Anyway, glad we were able to put this to rest. Now report back with your results and if you can do this on non-Samsung devices please share as well. But to be clear, the OS can tether. 100% verified. No questions asked about that any longer.

The Man may put a stop to this so lock onto our RSS feed to stay tuned as we scramble for another way.

windows phone 7 tethers


  1. That is good news. Now the question is what will AT&T do about it. With WM, it was kind of masked that we were tethered because the app acted more like an Internet Connection Sharing deal – we went through that connection. Here we’re actually acting as a modem and I’ve understood that AT&T had tended to charge for that in the past because they can detect the “modem” usage.

    Should be interesting, though. Regardless, I appreciate the news. Now I really want to know if there are consequences before using this. I imagine a speed-dial could be set up to change those settings. Should be interesting in either case.

  2. @yunchikan: given the method is uses (referring to step 1) i believe this is only for the samsung focus. typing in the same code on my HTC 7 Trophy does not bring up the Diagnosis Menu in the app list, not that i’ve seen anyways.

  3. Interesting. On my Surround when I type in anything other than ##634# (six or seven characters w/# at each end), I get a message that states, ” This command isn’t supported” OK.

    But when I type ##634# it jumps back to call history without the message, so it must be trying to do something.

    Damn, theyphone is only three days old and already tinkering. Oh well.

  4. […] MobilityDigest has uncovered the method, described below. 1) open your phone and dial “##634#” then press call. You’ll go into the Diagnosis Menu (going forward this icon appears in your programs so you don’t need to dal that again). This is just a phone dialer with a little icon and note on top. […]

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  12. When I dial that code on my LG Optimus 7 I get an MFG app in my app list. When opening that app it asks for a password. I don’t know that password yet. When entering some random digits it says “Operator Test – Wrong Code”

    Any ideas??

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  14. The steps to access the diagnostic menus also work on the Samsung Omnia 7, but alas, the tethering just throws up a whole host of driver issues, despite me trying Windows 7 x86 and x64, with Vista x64 too.

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  16. From the diagnosis menu type *#0011# and you will get into another test mode with another keyboard…Just figured this out!

  17. can’t seem to get windows 7 to install the generic driver for the phone. :(
    already have zune installed. i wonder if its because its the u.k version of the samsung omnia?
    any ideas?

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  20. I get into the diagnostics mode and get a numeric keypad but no button to actually dial the #7284# sequence i typed in. Am I missing something. This is on the Focus so same phone.

  21. That’s just it.
    It does not bring up anything when I type in that sequence.
    Maybe the version? Mine says Diagnosis (ver.0922)

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  26. [As I posted at PocketNow.com]

    I used Samsung Focus. This post is such a life saver! My only gripe against Windows Phone 7 was lack of tethering (I rarely used copy/paste in Win Mo 6.5 and I can live without 3rd party multi-tasking for a while at least). I was spoiled by using WMWifiRouter to connect my netbook to the internet.
    Now I can thanks to this hidden feature! I was just able to connect my netbook running Windows 7 Starter and I got Dial up Networking just fine (its been a LONG time since I had to see DUN!). My setup was slightly different: I could not see the Samsung Focus in the ‘adapters’ list and so I ran the DUN wizard and, voila!, I have broadband. I tested speed at Speakeasy.net: I am on east coast. Download speed at Los Angeles was 2.54 mbps. Download at Atlanta was 3.84 mbps. Pretty good!
    Now I truly love my Samsung Focus!

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  35. Where in Win7 do you go in after the driver is installed to set this up? I can’t find how to get it to actually dial and connect.

  36. @Mike:

    For those with a problem tethering the Samsung Focus and using Windows 7 64 bit, here is a solution.

    I also am using Windows 7 64 bit, and have found a simple workaround. Follow the directions as posted for setting up tethering here: http://mobilitydigest.com/windows-phone-7-tethers-you-can-do-it-now-heres-how/ . Once the driver is installed, the author is correct, the Samsung Focus does not show up in the Connections. The Fix is as follows:

    Go to the Network and Sharing Center
    Click on Set up a new connection or network
    Click on Set up a dial-up connection (note this step will not work if the Focus is not connected)
    Enter the data as described in the tutorial
    Name your connection
    Apply the settings

    Now you have a working tethered Focus.

  37. works like a charm but i lost ability to sync omnia 7 with zune.

    put the 2nd code (*#7284#) in diagonstic menu and changed it back to Zune sync, it started and connected with zune.

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  39. @CW McGowen:

    I do the dial up connection and then it says Registering yoru computer on the network…but then I get: Connection failed with error 628. The connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed.

    I can then Try again (doesn’t work) or Set up connection anyway.



  40. @Mike: are you using AT&T? The response you’re getting indicates that the dial number/login/password is wrong. The info I gave in the post is for AT&T’s dial up info. If you’re using anothe carrier you need their info.

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  42. […] ソース [Mobility Digest] via WMpoweruser 管理人コメント: 多少怪しい手順が必要なのが気になるが、あるのか無いのかよく分からなかったテザリング機能がちゃんと実装されていることが分かっただけでも大きな進歩だ。 今のところ HTC や LG にこのようなオプションは見つかっていないので、microSD アクセスの容易さを含め、端末選びを迷っている人には決定的な情報かもしれない。 ただしキャリアにとってテザリングはオプションの収入源なので、アップデートで無効化される可能性も考えられる。 […]

  43. @meengla:

    I’ve found that by enabling tethering per the instructions, it breaks or disables the wireless sync feature. So I’ve failed back to the zune connect for now. I can always enable tethering later if needed.

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  47. David — nice article thanks :-) I can’t get the driver to load correctly (W7 64bit) Come across any tricks to help with this?

  48. I also get error 628 when connecting. I have double checked all settings and they are correct. Do you think the account is disabled? Does this still work for anyone?

  49. error 628 as well – tried everything I could think of. certain settings are as stated as in the article and it is AT&T. Samsung Focus. Anyone find a solution to this?

  50. I am having the same issue error 628 and everything is correct…help anyone? I hope I don’t have to take this phone back.

  51. @rmr: well it’s hard to return a phone for this cause it’s not a supported operation:) But have you guys added both sets of drivers – well I guess all three – load the phone in Modem USB (the third option) and let it sync…also make sure you have Zune installed. They all add drivers you’ll need. if that fails tell me and I’ll reboot my phone in thethering and test it again on the same computer I initailly performed this on to see if AT&T is blocking this.

  52. Fortunately I am within 30 days of purchase and the guy at store said I could return it, but I don’t want to, this Focus is my only hope of tethering on a Windows 7 phone because no other phones do it…Steps 1 and 2 worked great, Zune installed and synced fine, Samsung connections never shows up during step 3…when I try setting up the dial-up connection as work-around with the settings from step 3 and try to connect is when I get error 628…

  53. Just tried it. Still works. I’m using Vista (32bit) but there are some drivers I provided a link to in the post – try those for 64bit and see if that helps. I 100% can still connect to AT&T though (3G).

  54. I already downloaded those drivers too and they insatalled fine…what’s most frustrating is that I am paying for a tethering plan. My old phone still does it fine, but won’t sync with my new Windows 7 64bit on my PC, which is why I made the switch. Tethering is more important than syncing my calendar and contacts, so I guess I will switch back to my old phone for now. Wonder if WP7 will come out with an app for tethering for those of us that are paying for it through AT&T

  55. @David K: Yeah…I tried that and it installed fine, but still get the error. Wonder if it would do any good to post our dissapoint to Brandon Watson’s (Director of Development for WP7) personal blog…I found it online. Is that a dumb idea? I would think he would want to provide some AT&T phones with tethering capability since some of their customers pay for it. What do you think?

  56. @rmr: Brandon Watson has plenty of history on this topic. Well he did grant us an interview on WP7 (which we invited the other blogs to participate in) and that was great. He would later state (on video) that WP7 can tether. A day later MS would recant that. If you asked me, I’d suggest that the OS does in fact permit tethering but MS is working out the UI to permit it to occur in a way that carriers can control it. So he was telling the truth – he jsut didn’t know/realize that it was not going to be available. I’d also put money that in tnhe first update to the OS they include tethering since it’s such an easy thing to implement (since it’s there already)

  57. @David K: Just discovered that I cannot sync “directly” my Outlook contacts and calendar because there is no new version of Active Sync, another dissapointment. I have to go through Windows Live Exchange and some other steps in order to do it, blah, blah…getting more disapointed with WP7 the more I use it. Thanks again, David.

  58. Gave this another shot today. Still no joy.
    I have Win7 Home Premium 32bit running on a Eee PC Netbook.
    Zune software is installed. Drivers seem to be working as I can send a Query string to the modem and get a valid response. I have wireless turned off.
    Seems to be a user/password issue but I know it matches what is listed here.
    I am located in the Seattle area. Anyone have this working in a similar config and location?

  59. @Dave: Good point Dave…my query worked also, wondering if the passwrod and username are somehow changed for some odd reason. How would we go about looking into that? Could this be the issue David K or does the username and password never change?

  60. @rmr: make sure the phone number has the stars and pounds, etc. Do the login in all caps. See if that changes anything. The L:P is universal to AT&T.

  61. @DavidK:

    Username & Password are in all caps. Stars and pound all present and accounted for. Problem still exists. I’m at a loss as to how to debug.

    I may have to wait for the officially supported feature. Just wanted to ditch my aircard if possible.

  62. @Dave: Wonder if I should return the phone. Wonder if this will be fixed. What’s your best guess David K? Wonder if there will be an Outlook App to make it easier to synce directly without Windows Live…your thoughts?
    Debating on whether to take this back this weekend or not.

    David K, I am not tech savvy, in your professional opinion do you think tethering app or Outlook app is a realisitc hope or not?

  63. @rmr: Regarding Outlook, my guess is direct sync is probably not coming back. Microsoft is trying to push everything to the Cloud and don’t expect they will be looking back. As a long time Outlook user, Windows Live was a bit of a shock, but after getting through a few of its nuances, its not that bad. I am not using my Outlook desktop much anymore (mosy everything is done on the phone) but if you are, after using Outlook Connector to sync Windows Live contacts/calendar, you can make the newly created Hotmail Contact & Calendar folders your Outllok default (or I think you can) so anything you do on the desktop with sync with Windows Live and up to your WP7 device.

    For Outlook tasks, which are sorely lacking in WP7, I have found Remember the Milk, WinMilk to be an outstanding alternative, maybe even better than the default Outlook tasks. And RTM can sync directly with Outlook.

    I wish Microsoft had made the transition from Outlook to WP7 a bit easier for less tech savy users. But otherwise, at least for me, the benefits of WP7, far outweigh any minor frustrations I may have had in the first few hours getting things setup.

  64. @rmr: I’m guessing as much as the next person. my instinct is that tethering comes in January because we know the OS tethers. I’d also guess that there is some syncing integration between the cloud and Outlook only because there’s so much anger about the current solution so I think MS heard the message. That may not happen as quickly though. They do want you to get used to the cloud…

  65. @DavidK: Thanks guys, one last question then…What about my email accounts that are not hotmail ones, like my att.net email or university email, can they receive email straight to my without syncing?

  66. Hi – I have figured it out. You should add
    into Advanced tab in modem properties as an Extra initialization command. Then the 628 error is gone. Not sure if this is only for Seattle area but it works for me.

  67. in OSX, make sure to click “advanced…” for SGH-i917 connection.Then change modem Vendor to Samsung, Model to GPRS(GSM/3G), APN to wap.cingular. Then it will also connect.

  68. pola’s suggestion about the extra initialization string (AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”
    in the Windows modem Advanced properties tab looks promising. However, when I try to add it, the dialog will not accept any text in that field. How do you get it to open up to the extra ini string?

  69. Answered my own question about changing the initialization string for the modem…
    When you enter the modem properties dialog (Control Panel, Devices and Printers, unspecified device SGH-i917, modem settings, modems tab, Samsung Mobile Modem, Properties), you’ll see the Advanced tab, and when you go there, you can’t enter the new string. However, back on the General tab, there’s an option to “Change Settings”. Click that, and then when you go back to the Advanced tab it will accept an additional init string: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”

    That string, posted above by pola, fixed the problem and got rid of the 628 error.
    Many thanks for finding the fix (arcane tho it be).

  70. Extending my thanks as well. I am writing to you from my tethered netbook.

    This fix was mentioned earlier in the thread but it was in a Vista forum and related to different error messages. Thanks for making it crystal clear and relavent!

    Let’s hope it lasts. Loving my phone.

    Next challenge hit me today. No Live Mesh on the phone yet. Wanted to type up my shopping list on the desktop and have it sync to my phone. Will be cool but I guess not yet.

  71. @Dave: You can sync today if you use OneNote 2010 (and SkyDrive). Wouldn’t be a bad tool for things like shopping lists.

  72. I’m a bit lost here. I did everything up until the point where I’m supposed to see the Samsung Modem. But I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I look everywhere in the Network and Sharing Center but I don’t see it there. I’m supposed to check in “my connections” but I don’t really understand where that is. I presumed it meant the “Network and Sharing Center” but can’t find it there. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. So far: Zune install, check. USB driver installed, check. Changing the diagnostic to tether, check. Plug in USB and let it install driver for device, check. Samsung Modem, no where to be found.

  73. @Rex: what OS are you running? It’s actually easier in Vista but if you’re using W7 then check earlier in the comments and someone did a step by step on it

    There seems to be a step missing in all this when it comes to the Samsung Focus if your PC is running Windows 7.
    I did not see SAMSUNG MODEM in my Network and Sharing Center.

    What I did was Setup a new connection or network. I then followed the steps to set up a
    Dial up connection and BAM! connected!
    I did this AFTER following the special instructions for PC Windows 7

  75. […] it is not clear you could read in here More in AT & T, Samsung, Windows Phone […]

  76. […] Here have the example. if you do not understand, click […]

  77. OMFG thank you so much man i was dieing trying to figure out how to tether for so long with my phone this makes me so happy i cant thank you enough for sharing this information with the world! ^_^

  78. @Dave:
    I have it working on my eeePC running Win7 Professional, SE from Seattle.
    I checked Devices and Printers, and the Samsung Focus should show up there as its model number and be listed as a modem.
    I then went to Network and Sharing Center, and made a Dialup connection per the connection settings listed above. 115k connection. Couldn’t get a VPN through to my Win 2003 server, but I suspect thats due to AT&T proxy server. I had to disable the proxy server for that to work on my HTC Fuze.

  79. I tethered without issue, but when I changed the USB settings back to Zune, I lost all apps and pics…has this happened to anyone else?

  80. @Robert: You’re the first to report that and that’s an odd bug as the USB settings shouldn’t have any correlation to the other items. Is it related to actually syncing with Zune and something went awry in that process? Maybe reconnect it and see if it resyncs it and replaces it.

  81. @DavidK: Actually, it restarted by itself…when I switched from tethering back to Zune, the phone restarted and all pics and apps disappeared, and my Zune connection from my PC was no longer recognizing the phone…

    Good thing the phone was relatively new so I lost very little…and good thing I still have my older Windows 6.5 Phone that I can use to tether!

    I am curious to know if anyone else has tried this and ended up with the same results as I did…the tethering worked fabulously…just wasn’t prepared to lose zune connection at that time…

  82. @Robert: When you change the setting the phone restarts on its own. You can’t ahve Zune and tethering active at the same time. But toggling them hasn’t impacted my photos or apps. It just limits how the phone can connect to the PC physically. That was it.

  83. @DavidK: Yes, I am aware you cannot tether and connect to Zune simultaneously….have you had success toggling back and forth without losing apps or pics, etc? If so, I may try it again…

  84. @DavidK: My phone did this after I installed unsupported flash memory. The phone worked fine for a day or two then, BAM! auto restart. All apps, pictures, accounts, settings everything erased or back to default. Problem was the added memory in the Samsung Focus. It just crashed when it finally went above the 8GB limit. I removed the 16Gb card, now rendered useless, restarted the phone, and reloaded everything.

  85. @DavidK: Hmmm…that could have been a factor…have you found a recent list of supported memory? I was (and still am) using a Patriot microsd Class 4…

  86. @Robert: As far as I know AT&T and Microsoft are still saying all memory cards are unsupported. They may have news for us this month concerning specially qualified cards. Meanwhile, we need a good WP7 backup application. I have feeling we all will need it when we install those 32Gb cards since the installation requires a complete reformat of the memory.

  87. From Patriot support–Newegg has them..
    Hi there Rick,

    Here are a couple of model numbers that are compatible and should work with the mobile phone:

    Patriot Signature Flash, 16GB microSDHC Class 10

    Patriot Signature Flash, 32GB microSDHC Class 10

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with. And thank you for choosing Patriot Memory!

    ** When (if) replying, please include the original email thread – thank you  **

    Patriot Memory Support Team

  88. @Dave: Yes, I agree there…it is so limiting to have to reformat your phone if you intend to expand your memory…thanks for the input…I may have to test the tethering again, AFTER i back up the pics, etc…

    On the bright side, I am getting very good at resetting up my phone from scratch!!! lol!

    btw…I reread your posts but I am still wondering if you have had success toggling back and forth between Zune and tethering without losing apps or pics, etc? Your initial answer immediately referred to the memory so I am a little unsure if you have tried to toggle back and forth between the two…

  89. @Rick Hantz

    Is the Patriot 16 GB, Class 4 Compatible? I loaded it and have had no problems that I am aware of, except when I switched between tethering and Zune….

  90. @Robert:
    I have gone back and forth several times without losing pictures and setiings(ie resetting phone).
    I changed to Wireless sync for Zune, and don’t switch back and forth now for convenience.
    Wireless sync has less control of when it happens, but if you plug your phone into power with the wireless turned on, it will auto-start within 15 mins. No feedback though, as when usb connected.

  91. @Dave…thanks for the info!

    @Richard: Tethering through usb is different from wireless connection…still, is the Patriot 16 GB, Class 4 considered compatible? Again, I have not had any issue with it, but it may have caused an issue when toggling between Zune and Tethering via usb…

  92. I’ve been using the tether feature for a month now. Does anyone know if ATT actually sees us using this feature and will charge us in the future? I was grandfathered to the unlimited data plan – i’ve had the iPhone with them for years since launch. And decided to switch to WP7.

  93. Also, i’m on a Mac (two of them)… and I tried on both. Tethering worked like a charm. The Mac instantly recognized it as soon as I plugged in my USB. All I had to do was put in the login/pass and I was good to go.

  94. @paul: My understanding from Windows Mobile days is that the carrier can see that there is tethering by the type of data request made but AT&T has historically not used this in cases where it’s just typical tethering and not abusive. With that said, it’s at your own risk:)

  95. @Robert:
    The class 10 is compatible according to Patriot. Class 4 is technically slower, so might have some speed issues, but maybe not, depending on your card.
    I suspect that speeds are average or minimum, like cpus and other memory, with a lot of variation within any given model.

  96. […] This is all it is:number: *99***1# user name: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM password: CINGULAR1Via Mobilitydigestgoogle_ad_client = "pub-6467963702769719"; google_alternate_color = "FFFFFF"; google_ad_width = 336; […]

  97. After doing the extra init commands trick, I’m getting error 651 (modem or other connecting device reported a hardware failure). Any idea?
    I’m running latest Zune sw, and att-samsung focus

  98. I found the zune instructions to connect wirelessly but you need to connect the phone to zune but it does not recognise the phone now its in tethering mode, so how do i set up wireless sync, if i cannot connect to zune

  99. It’s easy to switch back and forth. But you really need to set up wireless sync once.
    And plugging in every night to charge is pretty common, so syncing happens at least nightly.
    I set up a phone number to auto-dial test mode, to make it easier. Haven’t been able to automate the last code set though…

  100. @Richard Hantz:
    And you will need to switch back to Zune connect mode for all the updates, like NoDo….
    But you shouldn’t have to do that until you get the OTA notice that one is ready.

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    […] Phone 7 como modem 3G, o conhecidog. Contudo, também divulgados que o pessoal dos sites TFTS e do Mobility Digest haviam descoberto uma forma de habilitar a função. Testamos e realmente funciona, e o melhor é […]

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  106. @mimicita it’s in the post “So you know, as long as you are in this mode Zune will not connect. You need to change the settings back to Zune for USB. So just sync Zune over wifi and call it a day and leave USB for tethering.”
    So you need to go back in the diagnostics app and change the USB settings.

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    someone might get help from this site also.. thanks for sharing information about error 628..

  108. Works perfectly.. been using tethered mode for MONTHS now and AT&T has never said anything. However, I only use it on occassion so maybe that’s why…

    Also, i tried switching back to USB mode this evening to use Zune and it wouldn’t recognize my phone.

    I then remembered that I setup my Microsoft Live account to use SkyDrive. All the pictures I take on my phone are already copied up there… Therefore, no reason to sync to Zune any longer! YEAH!

    Thanks again for the assistance… It is greatly appreciated!

    Your friend,

  109. It is generally an issue with your modem, phone line, or a blocking port. This article error628.com answers the question how to fix error 628 Windows 7.

    • Thank you for posting this, it is very much apraicpted. I got the root down to show me the # at the end. I have tried nearly all the WIFI apps and get it to connect, even at times get my notebook connect to the SSN.But the app is showing me upload and downlaod of 0 kbs after the first second or two Any possible Ideas anyone?

  110. Hi!, I’m from Argentina,
    I use Personal, Phone Service Provider, how i can know the user namer, and password to conect?
    is the same that the APN ?

  111. Works good on a Samsung Focus for when my cabel is down
    a little slow but bearable
    About 1 meg down and .2 up

  112. It’s in reality a great and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

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