Before you get too excited, the minimum specifications for WP7 do not require a front facing camera but nothing prohibits it (unlike screen resolution which is limited to two resolutions). Apparently MS is going to support front facing cameras as the latest build shows ‘SelfPortraitCamera’ which Justin Angel has uncovered. Now remember, WM6.5 can has front facing cameras on some models and  outside of the US they existed…ours just got neutered. And you could use it for expensive two way calling. But now that iT is around we can hope that in the US we can get a front facing camera and maybe even Live Messenger to go with it.


  1. A Text Message service? A lot of peploe, don’t check up on their computers every single day, but most peploe have a cell phone of some sort these days, and getting a text message with a 1-Day Offer Only would help them out, so they wouldn’t miss out on any potential good offer.

  2. hello there macauley if you are still in need of them this is the link
    and details,give them a call ,just say hoopsey give you there number

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