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Windows Phone Mango Update Comes Early Summer?

According to sources the card up Microsoft’s sleeve is that the update will be coming much sooner than anyone ever thought possible.  The Mango update is believed to be announced for early summer!  If true this shows Microsoft as immensely dedicated to the success of Windows Phone and has also shows that Microsoft is committed to shortening its update cycle for products they view as essential to the long term success of the company following the likes of IE, Bing, and even Windows.

This leak apparently comes from a Romanian Microsoft site that leaked early due to time zone differences. The first thing to note is that the update will be "freely available" to all current Windows Phone handsets, something Microsoft already committed to, and will be ready for download "at the beginning of this summer."

The SDK is also said to be coming over the next 24 hrs.  Developers prepare to start your engines.

As always Mr. VIP Ramon Trotman is on hand and ready to confirm said goodness.  Stay tuned for official announcements.