Zuma’s Revenge for the Windows Phone is an Xbox title, and is exclusive to the Nokia phones. As such, unless you have a Nokia phone you aren’t going to find it in the Marketplace, nor will you find it on the web-based App+Games Store. Now, line-exclusive things don’t tend to stay that way, so I’m sure that non-Nokia phone users just need to have a little patience.

Now, I have Zuma’s Revenge on my PC. When I saw this show up as a featured app on my Lumia 920, I was a little afraid of how it would translate to a smaller touch screen. I have been surprisingly happy about it. The graphics are amazing on the screen, and they are clear and fluid. As for the touch controls, I have been amazingly accurate shooting the balls on the phone, and the levels are not any shorter than on the PC. In fact, I’ve finished the first part of the island, and the game on the mobile plays exactly like the game on the PC.

Zuma’s Revenge is in the Marketplace for $2.99USD, and can found in the “Nokia collection” section.


Zuma's Revenge Windows Phone review.


  1. And something else I just noticed: it has an option for color blind assist. Nice touch. That’s the first time I recall having seen that on a game.

  2. “$2.99USD,” now is that in Vietnamese dollars or US nickels? Gotta be more specific. While you may be writing about games, messing with the economy with funky symbols and code letters ain’t a game, gotta spell that whole thing out like on a check, and also with a funny memo.

  3. Without being snarky, I have friends in the UK and in Australia, and have gotten into the habit of specifying both USD for United States Dollars and USEST/USEDT/USEast for GMT-5, or United States Easter Standard/Daylight time.


  4. Zulu time! Still stuck with this HTC Titan which refuses to get any type of update. Maybe i’ll pick up a Nokia off craigslist and give this app a whirl.

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