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CES Windows Phone 7 News

OK so we Tweeted about it but here’s what we learned at CES:

  • Fable Coin Golf, Pro Evolution Soccer and Full House Poker (more on this in a second) are coming
  • copy and paste, task switching improvements and apps/games load faster and CDMA confirmed for initial update
  • Bank of America and Amazon official apps coming

OK not a ton here. That crazy copy and paste thing was on stage.

Let me get back to Full House Poker – WE WERE RIGHT! CLOSE BUT WRONG

Invites are out and on January 7, 2011 at CES in Vegas Microsoft is set to announce Full House Poker – an Xbox Live and Windows Phone 7 massively multi-player online game with turn by turn play which is expected to allow WP7 and Xbox users to play against each other regardless of device. So you are playing poker in a tv style format at scheduled times.

Expect to hear more about this in the next few days UPDATE: Ok so we have the details. The Xbox game is the real deal. The WP7 is a companion app that lets you get some extra coin and use your avatar.

And holy crap- this is like almost Courier. Two screens and the bottom one can work as a continuous pane or turn into a keyboard. Not WP7 but slick.

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