Well tonight I went to the Windows Phone Inner Circle event in San Diego.

I can say this what Microsoft spends on advertising they can throw 5 of these events per ad. Tonight I learned more about the WP7 platform than what I could thru sites. Microsoft was kind enough to put the behind the scenes people on display for us to talk to. It was a great time to learn more about WP7 and other tricks.

After talking with the peeps there some things I would like fixed for WP7, on the arrive to not pause the music when you open the keyboard or shut it. Another major feature I would like is the ability to clone your kids phone on yours. The ability to know what they are doing in real time would be a great app that I would pay for but at the same time to ensure to make sure no predators gain access.

All in all it was a great night for WP* and there is many ambassadors in the making to help promote this platform.

wP7 is here to stay and I wrote this from a WP7 device half in the bag so all is good. :)


  1. Copy my kids phone to my own in real time? Why would you ever want to do that? Personally I’ve never seen any benefits of stalking or being overprotective.
    Anyway, you could give them an android, I’m sure they have an app for that. There was an app, that could forward all sms’ to another phone without a trace, it couldn’t even be uninstalled, but I think it was pulled by Google.

  2. I will tell you why. Right now my step daughter has free reign every other weekend without me knowing what she is doing. Parenting has changed in this time frame with everything happening in real time. If I can do a better job of trying to protect my kid from anything damaging before it happens then I would be willing to sacrifice her/his privacy for their safety. Now when she comes home everything on her phone is wiped before I can look it over. I will feel much better if there is a “safe” way of knowing what is going on before the “sh@t” hits the fan.

  3. Fair enough, Jeremy.

    I just never had this concern regarding my family, so I couldn’t see any good use of that function. Both my wife and 3 kids have a WP and even though the phones are paid by me and registered in my name (hey, I even pay the phone bills!), I see them as their very personal objects, that I would never look into.
    Sorry for talking about familycustoms and parenthood, I’ll quit the subject right away – that “WP inner circle” event sounds great! :-)

  4. When the parent can be sued for thier child’s conduct, I see no problem with keep tabs on what my kids are doing. I do trust my kids, but if there is an emergency, I want to be able to know where they are. When they are a legal adult, I agree, it is none of my business any longer.

    Also, if the child has nothing to hide, why would they care? :)

  5. Now that I am up way too early in Cali, I would actually say a better idea will be to have certain keywords flagged and then have the message or conversation forwarded. Esp in light of the Penn St stuff that is going on.

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