For the past few months i’ve watched a string of platform reviews all cite how there is a dearth of apps for Windows Phone 8. What you don’t ever really hear them say is that there is a dearth of quality games on the platform. Why is that?

Microsoft certainly has made great strides in getting developer support for gaming. A large part of it has to be credited with Nokia’s amazing developer evangelist team. For my money they are the best in the business. I view them in so high a regard that I believe with Microsoft’s resources this team will accelerate new branded apps and games coming to the platform more in line with iOS and Android.

Spectral Souls, Angry Birds Stars Wars II, Tetris Blitz, Reaper, Asphalt 7: Heat, Halo: Spartan Assault, Modern Combat 4, Where’s My Water 2, The Temple Run franchise, JetPack Joyride, Six-Guns, The Sims: Free Play, the list just keeps going and going. My kids are particularly fond of Chaos Rings and Order & Chaos.

I’ve recently started calling out tech reviewers who commit the travesty of dismissing a platform by repeating things that are obviously off of their review notes from 2011 or even late 2012. I’ll continue to fight the good fight. What other favorite new games have you discovered on Windows Phone 8? I’m not a fan of bandwagon or the convention that unless a game is on iOS and Android too its not worth it. A great game is a great game so be sure to speak up and clue me in on the best that Windows Phone has to offer as it continues to grow in awesomeness.


  1. The part that Microsoft is acquiring from Nokia should continue developing apps, and they should be allowed to add new API calls, this way it helps 3rd party developers like to develop on those. Microsoft should not the creativity part of Nokia after the acquisition.

    • DualShot, a new camera app, is built using Nokia’s Imaging SDK they announced when they launched the Lumia 1020. This is an app that is just like a couple of really popular photo apps on iOS. Without Nokia developing that Imaging SDK they app wouldn’t have been possible on Windows Phone.

      I definitely hope Microsoft doesn’t hamstring the Nokia engineering team coming in. I don’t think they have any attention of controlling the team just letting them do what they do best and keep communication open so the OS can be developed alongside the hardware.

  2. I was reading a USA Today article this morning that was supposedly comparing the cameras on the iPhone 5S, the Lumia 1020, and a Samsung Galaxy. (I think)
    When he got to his conclusions, what did he have to say about the 1020. “I should have picked it”, but didn’t because of the “lack of apps.” ARGH I wanted to reach onto the screen and strangle the writer.

  3. Thank you!!

    This is what I have been waiting for! Mainly because I have spent the better part of the past couple of years doing the same things with some of these uninformed assholes.

    Every time I read one of thsoe types of articles (if you can call it that) I feel like they not only have no clue about WP, but how can they call themselves an “expert” of any type without knowing a lot about what’s really out there?

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