Here’s what I’ve observed under Nadella’s watch, the new Microsoft CEO. Right now this is a rough draft, so if you people give me more material I’ll pop it into the article, please and thank you.

  • Full-throttle on cloud-first, namely with Office, making it quasi-free and opening it up to all major platforms. Almost one and a half million more subscribers each quarter.
  • Most recent quarterly revenue of the Surface almost a billion dollars, over 2x YOY.
  • Sold 6% more Lumias (9.3 million) this year than last. Non-Lumia WP growth on par with the rest of the market.
  • Xbox sales up 60%.
  • Making Wall Street happy, beating earnings estimates, stock is up 33% in the trailing twelve months, highest in 14 years, respectable P/E reflecting optimism.
  • Charm offensive with China (China has money and they hate Google).
  • Real ladies’ man.
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  1. Glad, it’s a rough draft. Outside of making Office free, I think started the path for everything else.

  2. Yeah, correct. Baller started those.
    the only thing Nadella did so far by himself was kicking out almost 20.000 ppl.

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