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China Looking at Cell Phone Lanes for Sidewalks

We have all the culprits or victims of walking down the street bank getting bumped into by someone looking at their cell phone.  The main issue I have is when people using their cell phones pull a complete stop in front of you while the sidewalk is very busy in fast paced.  Then it’s like a NFL running back trying to get through the defensive line.  You try your best to dodge and weave and even turn sideways to slip through an opening to end up avoiding the dumbass in front of you to only slam into someone else.  That’s when the Starbucks spills into tempers flare.  The China however, there is a city called Chongqing in southwestern China that is testing a small 50 m long by 3 meter wide with a white painted strip marked off for cell phone users.

So what do you think?  Would you rather mark off sections of an already packed sidewalk for idiots that can’t pay attention or simply hire large men with baseball bats to beat them unconscious on our existing sidewalks? Chime in and drop a comment or two.

Thanks Simmons