There’s a new way to peruse apps in the Windows Phone online marketplace – by Best Rated. It was being rolled out throughout the day and was on and off all day, but I see it as ‘on’ now.  I like the refinement. So the categories are now: featured, Xbox (for games), Top free, New+Rising, Top paid and Best rated. In games the top paid are all Xbox titles. The Best rated are all the great games you’d want. I approve.

I don’t see it on my phone yet but I suspect it will make its way there.

Now separate the New from the Rising please because the clutter of some new and some old hurts a bit.


  1. You know what I hate? When we change a theme again and *coincidentally* our traffic spikes around the same time, leaving whoever pushed for the new theme which screwed up your image and left your name off the front page’s entry. Know what I mean? Not saying this is a bad theme, I just got here and am still letting it soak in, just talking about timing while suggesting that if we had stuck with fuzemobility without changing a single thing (except the content to keep things topical) we’d be doing all right.

    Actually this does look kind of better, nifty logo up there, okay font, clean social buttons, … hey wait a second, that wirefly ad dodged my adblock!

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