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HTC Tells Shipped-ROMs Website Cease And Desist

Many saw it coming, but the real bet was how long would it last. Popular XDA Developer Conflipper just posted on his website that he has been ordered by HTC to Cease and Desist immediately from hosting his massive collection of Shipped ROMS. In a letter written to him by HTC, that Conflipper has posted on his website, HTC states that:

“We have very strong reasons to believe that the HTC Intellectual Property was illegally obtained by fraudulent means.  The subject dissemination and publication of HTC¡¦s Intellectual Property is in clear violation of HTC¡¦s legal rights and is an infringement of the HTC¡¦s copyrights, goodwill, as well as the other intellectual rights.  The continuing distribution of HTC¡¦s Intellectual Property without authorization has constituted a serious criminal offence under the Copyright Act in the U.S. and the EU and other countries where similar laws are enforced.”

Not only are HTC worried about the shipped ROMS, but it also appears they are hung up on their….artwork?

“HTC has also recently learned that the Site contains software/ROM related to HTC¡¦s Intellectual Property which entails illegal copying of HTC¡¦s original art work.”

Conflipper has two weeks to remove the material outlined in the letter written by HTC. HTC must seriously know that this will not hinder anyone looking for a Shipped ROM past an additional Google Search to find the material somewhere else. I’m not arguing that what HTC is wrong, or that Conflipper is wrong. To me HTC should embrace the ROM Cooking/Developing community and perhaps use them to improve their product. I can tell you in my long experience in flashing custom/cooked ROM’s is that they almost always work way better than the stock ROMs.

In any case, head on over to for more information and to read the letter in its entirety.