Microsoft has been keeping Windows Phone 7 sales close to their heart but today we learned that the sales through 2010 were 2m licenses, but remember that these were licenses to manufacturers, not end users. While Windows Phone 7 was on sale, sales of Windows Mobile 6.5 continued and that was a necessity as Windows Phone 7 still isn’t a worldwide launch yet. Well I don’t have Windows Mobile 6.5 sales figures for 4Q 2010 but here’s the figures we have:

Windows Mobile 6.5 sales for Q2 2010 were 3,096,400

Windows Mobile 6.5 sales for Q3 2010 were 2,247,900

So WM6.5 is clearly rapidly trending downward but I’d suspect a decent amount of that is the US fleeing in mass to Android. A good portion of the world (you know, the world outside of the US) actually liked Windows Mobile so I doubt that the sales flat lined for Windows Mobile 6.5. In other words, they definitely dropped in Q4 but not to zero. So did Windows Mobile or Windows Phone lead the sales race in 4Q 2010? I don’t know. But it is a bit scary that we’re comparing a dying OS to a new OS with a huge amount of advertising being sold during the holidays though. Yes, this is the start of a new OS but clearly they need to get things moving quickly before we start comparing Windows Phone sales to WebOS and…well there’s not much else at the bottom but you get the point.


  1. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Practically everyday there is a news story on the internet about android, iphone either about a new device or a hot new application. WP7 news consists mainly of issues with availability of zune services outside the US, unresolved issues with MP and of course, the neverending wait for the almighty 1st update that will bestow the mighties of features on us, copy and paste. As for the advertising, its been ineffective and frankly practically non-existent. Compare the hoopla MS made about Kinect and the WP7 launch and you clearly see where their priorities lie. At this rate, WP7 will end up an also ran, and honestly, despite really liking my WP7 device I dont see this OS going anywhere in relation to significant marketshare.

  2. I love WP7 but what is driving me nuts is the lack of simplicity in keeping my data up to date and synched. I never thought I would say that I missed ActiveSync but I do. Now I have to sync with Zune and Windows Live and some file storage site aka The Cloud just to back my data up? Oh and I can’t directly sync my tasks and notes with Outlook anymore? Add trying to keep my Android tablet in the loop with it’s syncing limitations and I am in data management hell. Suggestions anyone?

  3. @Moe: Are you using an Exchange server? Bring the Wine is supposed to sync tasks (for free). To sync Notes you need to use One Note – that should sync but you need to use it on PC and phone…

  4. @DavidK: I am using an Exchange server. I found AppaMundi’s tasks app which syncs my tasks from my Focus to Outlook then I am using Toodledo to sync the tasks to my Android tablet. I am fairly new to OneNote and am currently looking into integrating it into my routine. I just miss the days of installing ActiveSync, plugging my device into my computer and going or alternatively, setting up Exchange server and letting Outlook and Pocket Informant do their thing. Simple, no muss, no fuss.

  5. Moe bro get with the program. No you may not (at least not without some crappy third party software or iTunes) sync up directly like that, go through the clouds. And switch to Thunderbird, get your calendar and contact syncing tuned into your gmail account along with everything else you’ve got plugged into it OTA.

    So what’s this syncing problem you’ve got with your Android tablet?

  6. I had to leave my beloved Windows Mobile platform, because I feel it left me. I am using Android now & I’m loving it. Unfortunately, Steve Balmer & crew thought making an inferior iphone with tiles was the way to go…well not for me.

    I see from many post that I’m not alone.

  7. Linx, especially with Android, you’re not alone. I assure you that there are more among us than there appear to be and I’m beginning to follow through on what I’ll go ahead and stamp as being a pledge now to churn out more Android content.

    I don’t have a lot of backup around here for that but I’ll be damned if these guys take over.

  8. I hear the users of Windows Phone 7 are happy. The X Box Games will soon be out for it.
    Apps are growing like crazy. Price Point is good.
    Any users confirm this?

  9. Can you confirm that “price point” is, quoting urbandictionaroy, “bullshit speak for “price”, in common use by real estate industry “professionals” to emphasize a limited vocablary?

  10. I’m sure I’ll take heat for this but I can confirm that of the 5 people I know with the phone (all Samsung Focus) – every one of them rave about it. Some had WinMo 6.x, so no question there, but 3 others had iPhone or Android.

    So while MS has done a crapastic job of promoting and supporting the platform, the users are definitely happy – for now.

  11. I’ve heard praise too. Good thing they didn’t strive for the perfectionism route and polish it further for another three years otherwise they might have had trouble breaking into the market finally.

  12. For most regular users they won’t know that features are missing. I have a few friends with devices and when I ask them about copy and paste and lack of camera access in apps they look at me like i’m the idiot. They use the phone for the web, a few simple games and email and text. Nothing fancy. They all love the interface andd love the way the phone acts. it’s really a fun experience and I think anyone who uses it gets a kick out of how nice it is.

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