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Windows Phone Outsold By Windows Mobile In Q4 2010?

Microsoft has been keeping Windows Phone 7 sales close to their heart but today we learned that the sales through 2010 were 2m licenses, but remember that these were licenses to manufacturers, not end users. While Windows Phone 7 was on sale, sales of Windows Mobile 6.5 continued and that was a necessity as Windows Phone 7 still isn’t a worldwide launch yet. Well I don’t have Windows Mobile 6.5 sales figures for 4Q 2010 but here’s the figures we have:

Windows Mobile 6.5 sales for Q2 2010 were 3,096,400

Windows Mobile 6.5 sales for Q3 2010 were 2,247,900

So WM6.5 is clearly rapidly trending downward but I’d suspect a decent amount of that is the US fleeing in mass to Android. A good portion of the world (you know, the world outside of the US) actually liked Windows Mobile so I doubt that the sales flat lined for Windows Mobile 6.5. In other words, they definitely dropped in Q4 but not to zero. So did Windows Mobile or Windows Phone lead the sales race in 4Q 2010? I don’t know. But it is a bit scary that we’re comparing a dying OS to a new OS with a huge amount of advertising being sold during the holidays though. Yes, this is the start of a new OS but clearly they need to get things moving quickly before we start comparing Windows Phone sales to WebOS and…well there’s not much else at the bottom but you get the point.