imageIn an interview with CNet, Aaron Woodman, Microsoft’s director of mobile communications business explained that the Windows phone update will result in all apps launching faster but it will be most noticeable in games. here are here’s words (pieced together) for ease:

It’s not the same percentage of improvement, primarily because what we’ve done is modify how memory is loaded. So more graphic intense, front-loading applications like games are going to benefit a great deal more from the change in architecture, than a text-driven application

The example I always use is Flixster, which actually loads up really quick today. There is a performance improvement, but you just don’t notice it [because it still needs to grab online data at launch]

All apps will get better. Some apps will get incrementally better, games will get a lot better, and some games will get exponentially better

[Regarding Bejeweled] the difference is pretty dramatic between the two, it’s anywhere from 15 to 20 seconds in difference, and that’s dramatic for us

The person who wrote Bejeweled doesn’t need to do jack to get any sort of performance improvement [the OS handles it automatically]

Finally, regarding the first update push, “That last piece is unique, and new and unknown to us, because we want it to be great, and perfect and we’ve never done it before,” Woodman said. “Update is one of those things you can’t screw up. We have extremely high product satisfaction, and you can lose it in a second by hosing people’s data in any incremental percentage, so it’s a big deal.”

OK guys, pull off the Band-Aid with one fast pull…push out that update already.


  1. Well Bejeweled took 36 seconds to load (menu appears and music starts playing) on my alegedly slow HTC device, so a 15 to 20 second improvement would be pretty good. Based on my results, I suppose a Focus would open Bewjewled almost “instantly”.

  2. What do you mean by “allegedly slow HTC device”? From what I understand, the Samsung Focus has the least amount of RAM of all the phones. I’ve heard conflicting reports that the focus has only 256MB.

  3. Just a little sarcasm there as speed is a relative thing. But, FYI, according to a chart published on another site, the Focus/Omnia 7 has 512MB or RAM, as do the Optimus 7/7Q and VenuePro (well maybe). The HD7, Mozart & Trophy have 576MB while the Surround and HD7 Pro have 448MB, although the Device Info app shows me having 474.39MB of Total Memory. Not sure what that references though.

    More interesting, all devices have 512MB or ROM, except for the Focus/Omnia 7 & VenuePro which all have 1GB. I suppose the NAND memory used in the Samsung devices has the most to do with loading memory intense apps. And with that said the LG devices are supposed to take top honors in app load speed. Not sure what kind of storage memory they use.

  4. Hmm…I must have mixed up the Samsung phone with an LG Quantum or something that only has 256MB. I have the HTC Surround, and I understand you have the same phone…so I was curious.

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