As most of the world sits in WP7 update limbo right now (especially the U.S.), our staff here at Mobility Digest is still split on the versions that we’re running on our phones. Some of us have received the new updates naturally, some have forced it, and some are still running the stock 7004 version.

With that, we’re curious as to what versions our readers are running. There’s a decent number of you out there who are always wanting to have the newest and greatest software on your devices, and there’s those of you who won’t touch anything unless it’s official (I don’t blame you…). So, help us learn more about you and your devices by filling out this completely unscientific poll:

[poll id="96"]

We’re also curious as to how many of you are having issues updating. Drop us a line in the comments if Microsoft and their WP7 team is making you scratch your head.


  1. Unbranded my ATT samsung focus, checked for update and got the pre-nodo. Installed that and checked for update again and got NODO, works great

  2. Still running my original build. Debating whether to go back to my old WM 6.x flashing mentality of “Gotta have the latest at all costs” or just sit back and use my phone for what it is until the official update comes through. After all, the only reason I didn’t go Android was that I was sick of back-door methods to flash questionable builds.
    I do have to admit though: I’m getting sick of waiting for Ma Bell to test a simple update and let Microsoft do its job!

  3. I am another HTC Arrive user that has the 7389 build which has “NoDo” I am not sure what the difference between 7389 and 7390 are especially since the Update page says that the 7389 update is not applicable to me

  4. german T-Mobile branded Omnia 7. 7004 original version. T-Mobile Deutschland is the most lazy company in the world. AVOID THEM LIKE PLAGUE

  5. I’m running an HTC HD7 purchased from O2 (UK) and officially network-unlocked by O2 (contract ended), now with a Virgin SIM in it (Virgin runs on T-Mobile network in UK).

    I got the pre-NoDo (7008) update through Zune, but what chance do I have of getting NoDo if the carriers are involved in the update roll-out? Should I put an O2 SIM back in it for a while to see if that ‘catches’ NoDo? All/any advice welcome!

  6. Wow, the poll results are very telling, granted this is covering a small percentage of users. If the updates have been pushed for some time now, why are most here still without the update or forcing the update (which is basically the same as not having been delivered via “official” means)?

  7. 7389 and 7390 are basically the same. Supposedly 7390 has device-specific fixes or changes, while 7389 is vanilla NoDo.

  8. Used the trick now circulating the web by using the support tools and then the Chevron Updater, worked well and I am now rocking the NoDo, without having to pull the ethernet cable.

  9. I have a HTC Surround on 7008, by official means. My first attempt at the update got stuck during step 6. I clicked cancel and reattempted the update – worked the second time.

  10. I received notification of the NoDo update. I’ll be updating this evening. I’ll post if I run in to any issues.

  11. Hello, well this is my problem, i”m from Mexico and i recently bought an htc surround i”m using it with Telcel that is the bigest carrier in Mexico, so now the problem, this phone wasn”t realeased for using it in Mexico, so i supposed that i”m not getting any update for me with this phone, is this correct? so what could happen if i use the tool to get the pre-update and then use zune to get nodo with that trick of the 3 seconds…. i hope you can help me


  12. @Angel It doesn’t really matter what carrier u use your phone on (If that was the case we would all insert a Vodafone sim in the device and voila NoDo :) ).
    I strongly suggest you wait for the notification (there’ll be one, trust me). Do NOT use any hack.

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