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Windows Phone 7 users: What version are you running?

As most of the world sits in WP7 update limbo right now (especially the U.S.), our staff here at Mobility Digest is still split on the versions that we’re running on our phones. Some of us have received the new updates naturally, some have forced it, and some are still running the stock 7004 version.

With that, we’re curious as to what versions our readers are running. There’s a decent number of you out there who are always wanting to have the newest and greatest software on your devices, and there’s those of you who won’t touch anything unless it’s official (I don’t blame you…). So, help us learn more about you and your devices by filling out this completely unscientific poll:

[poll id="96"]

We’re also curious as to how many of you are having issues updating. Drop us a line in the comments if Microsoft and their WP7 team is making you scratch your head.