I’m rocking the Surround as most of you know, but one thing I’m struggling with is notifications.  I shuffle back and forth between silent, vibrate, and ring but there isn’t a very good way to do that quickly between all three.  Through some creative menu settings I’ve found some weirdness to report.  When you turn the volume up or down you get the drop down menu where you can switch between ring or vibrate.  This leaves out silent, which I use at work and in class.  If you go into the notifications settings you can switch ring and vibrate off or on independently.  If the ringer is turned on and vibrate is off the phone still vibrates if the volume is set to zero.  I vote for a change.  If you have the system volume set to zero and you toggle the ringer (the one that pops up when you hit the volume key) it should switch between vibrate and silent.  I feel like this is a pretty simple thing to accomplish with some software redirection.  Man the wait for this update is killing me.  Do you guys use silent on a regular basis?  Am I asking too much?  Let me know and chime in on any other quirks that are mostly nuisance in your Windows Phone life.  Misery loves company.


  1. Finally someone agrees! I hate having to dig through settings to disable Vibrate for my classes, and have finally given in to just turning the stupid thing off. This shouldnt be hard to fix, just needs Microsoft’s attention

  2. Only switched to vibrate a couple times, so it has not been that much of an issue for me. And I never set it to silent, or honestly even know how.

    Want to have some fun with your Surround, try plugging in some headphones or any 3.5mm plug, to external speakers for example, and start playing with your volume while listening to some Zune music. All hell should break loose, like auto-dialing your last call, turning off sound completely. Really gets pissed off if you plug in/remove while the music is playing.

  3. @jimski:
    I noticed a similar issue as Jimski. My sound shuts off and frequently starts up the voice dial app. Really annoying. Usually a soft reset fixes it though.

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