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Kinect Voice Integration Demoed And How It Helps Windows Phones

If you have an Xbox 360 with Kinect then you’re probably loving the voice commands that are built into it (like navigating Netflix with your voice) but know there’s plenty of room to make the experience deeper. Currently there’s an Xbox dashboard and then you convert to a Kinect dashboard and need to navigate through the Kinect features there but you’d revert back to the controller based dashboard depending on the activity. Anyway, that was then. The new voice and improved natural user interface is coming this fall and here’s what it looks like in action 9and yes, you can call audibles in a football game – awesome):

Yeah that’s what it should be like. I like it a lot lot more than the current experience. So, what’s this have to do with your Windows Phone? Well the voice commands in Windows Phones is incredibly accurate and only getting better:

There’s only so much you’re going to learn from a lot of people saying “agent,” or a limited set of words. The thing that’s so cool with Bing voice search is that you would get a really diverse set of utterances, and we saw that really take off. Across the industry, anywhere from 25 to 30 percent of mobile search are now done using voice. The interesting thing for us is that on Windows Phone, we actually much higher, and we attribute to that to speech becoming core to the user interface (in Windows Phone).

Microsoft’s TellMe is currently delivering a whopping 11billion voice utterances per year which they think is the most for any speech cloud. That’s related in part to its corporate uses. But that same system that powers Kinect is also behind your Windows Phone and both are improving.They explain that the more data that comes through TellMe the more it learns and the better it gets. So as Kinect gets better voice navigation so does your Windows Phone. Win win

via GeekWire