Yesterday Ben the PC Guy took the Smoked By a Windows phone show on the road to Microsoft’s store in Costa Mesa, California. $100 was on the line if anyone could beat a Windows phone. The results?  A 19-0 record for the day. “It was a great day of challenges – we took on iPhone 4 and 4s’s and a host of the latest Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, LG Thrill, HTC Evo 4G, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Fascinate, and more – and against all of them, Windows Phone was simply faster at the everyday stuff that real people like you and me do on our smartphones.” The losers did get some nice consolation prizes with t-shirts and phones being handed out. 

The show continues today and the results continue to speak for themselves.


  1. Except that no one cares….

    I’ve been talking to every sales guy or gal that I can in every store I go to. They all say the same thing. They’re simply not selling the Windows Phones. No one walks in and asks for them, they either look at the Samsung display or the iPhone display, buy one of the other, and then leave.

    MS has good potential, and as has been pointed out in the past, there’s a lot of room for growth, but they’ve really got to figure out how to make it happen sooner than later.. being in damn near dead last place isn’t doing them any favors, and their competition is only going to gain momentum this year.

    I think that 2012 is make or break for Windows Phones as we know them..

    Maybe if Windows 8 on Arm is brought to phones, people might take advantage of those.. who knows..

    All I know is that anecdotal stories like these paint a nice picture, but speak very little towards the current failure of WP to gain any traction at all.

  2. I keep saying, give ME a 5″+ device and I am there.
    I don’t care about the phone, I know how to use Bluetooth.
    I want a 5″ screen.
    Windows and AT+T Need to keep up. Windows lost me by not getting the HD2 on AT+T, I am in no hurry yet, so Windows Phone has a chance this year. If not, then I don’t see it ever making it as a mainstream choice, probably just a niche market of fanboys and user specific needs. We tend to stereotypes in this house in that we are up on current trends, not that we follow them, more that we are doing the same thing. So if nobody here in this group of upto 10 people wants a Windows Phone, I just don’t see how it can survive. Unless they don’t care about being last.

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