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WP7 Today: AT&T Images, New Ads and New Apps

imageOK I’ll save you from five WP7 posts by doing this all in one shot. We have pics of the Mondrian with AT&T logos, a new MS ad and some new games that popped up. Let’s start with the Mondrian. Here it is showing off it’s AT&T colors including their U-Verse app (double wide tile…really?). Is it real? No idea but it looks accurate.  [via 911sniper blog]

OK let’s move on to Microsoft’s new ad. It shows WP7 cloud based services. Don’t think this is going to be on the air. This is probably for their site or for in store demoes. And at the :49 mark you can see the web portal that includes the ability to find your phone, etc. [via istartedsomething]



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Let’s go to apps and start with a new one:Cardmobili which is a membership club card app. Very well put together though. Seems easy to use and aesthetically works. This will be available at launch:

Here’s Retro Spaced, a great looking 3D airplane shooter we’ve seen before, running on a real device at 30fps. It’s noted to have a little development left before it can go to market but it looks great:

not bad for a Friday morning…of course, along with the HD2 booting WP7…