Wolfenstein 3D Clone game for the Windows Phone and Windows 8DIE NAZI! Seriously if you don’t know Wolfenstein 3D you need a history lesson. So classic. Well a port is available for free for Windows Phone and for Windows 8 (including ARM).  I can’t imagine this is going to be available for long but I did play it on my WP and it’s bringing back memories. There’s an onscreen keyboard. if you get stuck in a doorway you need to turn around and tap – the door closed with you in it. If you get past that, youu now what else to expect.

Here’s the official description for WP:

It’s a clone of a well-known game produced by a famous company. Apparently, The Fathers are not planning to make a port of this game, that’s why this project appeared. It contains level Episode1-Floor1 with one secret. Touch center of screen in front of door to open it. If you want to accelerate the development, purchase my other games.


  1. This article is getting more traffic than the front of the site. I think the lesson here from you David, the Wolfenstein 3D people and Quentin Tarantino is that people like killing nazis, a subject we may want to keep exploring like this.

    On the other hand I’ve been told I read too deeply into things.

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