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MobilityLeaks: Oh, Snap View!

Doug Simmons: Microsoft just lowered its minimum tablet res to 1024×768, which breaks W8’s “snap view” capabilities, in a pathetic attempt to get some OEM love.

Matt Anderson: I’ve asked this before and ill ask it again. What in the fuck do you need higher resolution screens on 7 and 10″ screens? Do you have super human, nay God like eye sight where you can somehow actually differentiate the resolution at this level or do you just use your tablet pressed firmly against your eyeball? Resolution still falls under the jurisdiction of diminishing returns. My 10″ surface with muraniassninja (24)1366×768 or 720p resolution blows away any 1080p res tablets I’ve seen. There are dozens of things beyond screen res that account for perceived image quality. Contrast, color depth, color accuracy, refresh rate, pixel shift, etc. Stop harping on this one number like its the be all end all of fucking screen specs. People dont just buy cars because of horse power. You want fucking cup holders, gas mileage, a radio, a seat that doesn’t feel like a judo black belt wailing on your spinal cord after driving for 10 minutes, enough noise reduction material that it doesn’t sound like your driving with your head out the window. So just go ahead and calm the fuck down with your disbelief. Damn it! Getting me all fucking worked up before breakfast.

Murani Lewis: I agree. Oddly im going to use the iPhone as an example. The iPhone has long sense been surpassed in resolution and ppi. The iPhone 5 still us regarded as being a superior screen than almost all phones because of other factors. I’ve never had any problems with screen quality and sewing how many people purchase lower-res phones and tablets it clearly isn’t in the top couple things people look for when buying a tablet.

lol (182)Doug Simmons: Matt, super human vision or genuinely perceived benefits from high pixel density fueling demand of everyone else’s stuff, you have to admit that 188 ppi is a low number and it’s a sorry thing to see Microsoft have to, in part at the cost or some “Snap” functionality I believe, to stoop to it in their minimum to try to generate any OEM interest in making something for them. It underscores how flaccid they are in the mobile arena. Whatever figure they started with was too high, gotta go below average, they apparently felt, with future products relative to old products other people have been selling for a good while, and for a reasonable amount of money. Aren’t we supposed to get better in general over time? Are these going to cost two hundred bucks or closer to eight? Remember the 800×480 Windows Phone maximum, did that do them any favors? Will this? Nope, yet another flop en route from Redmond. Nice car analogy.

David K: It isn’t lack of OEM interest. Microsoft previously would not approve an RT (ARM based) below 10″. They only approved five total ARM tablets in fact and they indicated that they will not have any new releases until the summer. We now see that the timing is linked to Blue. They are making the interface scale better based on size (not just resolution). Sent from my Windows Phone

Matt Anderson: Very similar to those shitty android tablets with no resolution and resistive touch screens?

Doug Simmons: Like the Nexus 7, couple hundred bucks, greater pixel density than Microsoft’s announcement, includes “mobile” basics like a cellular radio and fuck me a GPS receiver, updates on time, an unobjectionable about of free space, apps, good battery life, widely praised and widely purchased? That shitty Android tablet?

Matt Anderson: So you point to one device when the majority of them are shitty and has what market share? In that other category compared to mr iPad.

Doug Simmons: On any given Sunday, Matt, the best hardware available lies on an Android device. And the Android devices in which I have any interest has the name Nexus. I’m the guy who bought the thing that wasn’t grossly overpriced as a failed strategy not to appear shitty. You must be the other guy. In what negative way am I affected by there being more Android running devices than the one that suits me exceptionally well?

Matt Anderson: And the same question stands against your initial retort about shitty windows devices. My surface is bad ass. I could give a shit. I’ve never seen a better screen on a tablet or even a tv, including my room mates 7″ nexus that I have used, played with, and used to play with myself.

Doug Simmons: Matt, I’m glad you’re happy with your piece of shit $1200 screen, but please note that the terrible thing about Hell is that when you’re there you can’t even tell. As you run through this life you love so, you could be there and not even know. But you say, “So what, I’m doing just fine;” the irony is that it’s all in your mind. And that’s why Hell is so vicious and cruel, but you’ll just go on, an oblivious fool. An oblivious fool, Matt. You.

muraniassninja (30)Matt Anderson: Do what now? 700$ actually, and how does having the best screen equate to shit? Im not sure what you’re getting at in your William Blake’ish monologue concerning hell and oblivion. Did you find my giganug?

Doug Simmons: That was Poe by the way, Burlington. And what’s with “700$” you eurotrash wannabe..

Matt Anderson: Or Phish lyrics. Stoner.

David K: you ladies are talking about tablet size without anyone making a penis size joke? Shame on both of you

Ram: LoL. Look who is talking, Simmons the Microsoft Guru. The leaked builds state the otherwise. There will be support for SnapView that supports 50/50 (lower resolution devices) and 4 apps in a SnapView (higher resolution devices)

Doug Simmons: Bottom line Ram, Microsoft wants people to build hardware running their software, they are sweetening the deal to entice them by lowering standards not only to underwhelming levels but to the point where it breaks certain functionality, functionality that is important enough that as a condition of going with such low res OEMs must state clearly, like a cigarette cancer warning, that W8’s functionality is castrated. And while your English may be a tad rough around the edges, I have no doubt you know what that word means. Snap? In your case, snip.