Yeah I absolutely love remote control helicopters and I have quite a few of them in my collection. Hopefully soon I will drops some real money on a 6 channel fixed pitch heli so I can see how fast I can destroy a $400 dollar play toy trying to do 3D tricks. But that is another story. Today, Woot! has a the iFly Heli GYRO 3.5CH RC Helicopter for $26 bucks plus 5 more for shipping. A while back , Kristofer put a similar and more expensive Griffin Helo TC  to the test and found that the Heli is pretty good but there was a very frustrating lag. I actually have three of the Syma S107 helicopters and really enjoy flying them as they are very stable and hover well. It is the remote that utilizes the iPhone/iPod that causes some problems. In any case, the iFly is made by World Tech Toys  so maybe the found a way to get rid of the lag. The World Tech Toys iFly comes in three colors, Blue, Red, or Yellow and is less expensive than the $50 Griffin Heli.

Head on over to Woot if you want some more information or to grab one.

Condition: New


  • Built in gyroscope for maximum stability
  • Electric powered
  • 3.5 channel control
  • iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad compatible
  • Coaxial rotor
  • Single rear rotor
  • IR transmitter
  • Transmitter and Heli charges off USB cable
  • Extremely stable flight
  • LED lights
  • Ready to fly
  • Download the free app in the Apple App Store and plug in the Headphone Jack Transmitter to one of your Apple products and you are ready to take to the skies


  1. I saw that and was thinking hmmm.. but then I remembered how much I don’t care for infrared and it’s delay.. yeah they’re a nice novelty but the delay is annoying..

  2. I wish I could scrape up the money for 6 CH 2.4GHz BlitzRCWorks Matrix 250-R RTF Radio Control Helicopter w/ T-Rex Performance!

    Banana Hobby

  3. well you know the one I just got.. it’s not bad actually.. lots of lights on it, and it’s going to take some time to learn to control it, already crashed it.. broke a piece off…

  4. Woot! iFly Heli GYRO 3.5CH RC Helicopter $25.99 – Mobility Digest - A shopping search engine monster! - Gigunsa Government

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  5. Too bad it doesn’t (in addition to iPhone, etc) also support using an ordinary wireless router (or wireless dongle) and a desktop/laptop computer. I mean not everyone has an iDevice. But MOST people have a computer on a wireless network. Until they start supporting ordinary wireless networks and ordinary computer, I won’t buy one. Sorry but your LACK of support for ordinary wireless networks has cost you a customer.

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