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Windows Phone users want no part of a vacated title. Bring on the champ!

Boxing Gloves

Well earlier today we got news that the ITC was considering a ban of HTC phones into the states.  To be more accurate, HTC Android phones, which have already been found guilty of violated a couple of Apple patents.  The spicy part of the story is that Apple is basically pushing for the court to ban the Android phones and gave the thumbs up for the continued import of HTC Windows Phones.  Its like the old “enemy of my enemy is my friend” type of thing.  That and the fact Microsoft is a heavy hitter when it comes to patent wars so the last thing Apple is trying to have is violate their frenemy stance they’ve had with Microsoft for well over a decade.


I’ll say this, nobody likes a paper champion.  Rocky won his by going the distance while shedding sweat and blood.  I know that Rocky is fictional but darn it all to hell that brain cell depleted slurred speech bastard had the heart of a champion.  What does this all have to do with the Apple and HTC patent case?  A lot.


It is one thing to want to see Windows Phone gain traction and meet the forecasts by Gartner of overtaking Apple and challenging Android by 2015.  Its an entirely different and unsatisfactory thing to have Android vacate the title of marketshare leader and have Microsoft swoop in and gain traction artificially.  Thanks but no thanks.  I’m a Windows Phone supporter but I’ll always be consumer-centric first, not Microsoft-centric.  We, the people, refuse to take part in such an ugly affair.  Give us fair and open competition.  Let innovation and commitment to excellence determine the winner.  Let the underdog Rocky slug it out against Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and see if he can shut up all the doubters.  One thing is for certain, we’re all tuned in because there will be body blows and headshots. That’s what we came to see, the spirit of competition and strength of resolve that crowns a champion.

Paper, government created champs get no respect around these parts.


Source: WMPoweruser